Oligohydramnios is reduced the amount of amniotic fluid (less than 500 ml). Oligohydramnios is rare: 3-4 cases per 1000 births. When water scarcity often a miscarriage and premature birth. Oligohydramnios is evident since the second half of pregnancy: the size of the uterus does not correspond (less) pregnancy. Childbirth flowing long. In travail with water scarcity water front are missing, and shell adhere to the head of the fetus. To reduce pain of contractions reveal fetal bladder. Resulting amniotic fluid have a kind of thick, viscous, painted by meconium greenish liquid. From lack of water, the skin of the fruit is dry, wrinkled, fruit often lag behind in growth and weight. Water scarcity can lead to a clubfoot, Krivoshei and other malformations in the fetus.