Maltose (malt sugar) is a disaccharide consisting of two molecules of glucose interconnected. Maltose soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and ether. In animals maltose is formed by the enzymatic breakdown of starch and other polysaccharides (for example, in the process of digestion or under the influence of malt). Maltose used in food industry, especially in the manufacture of baby foods, as well as the manufacture of nutrient media in Microbiology. Cm. also Disaccharides.

Maltose (synonym malt sugar) - alpha-1,4-D-glucoside-D-glucose. Refers to a group of disaccharides. Maltose constructed from two residues of D-glucose; there is in alpha - and beta-forms. α-M - crystals with temperature PL 108 degrees; β) forms crystalline hydrate with temperature PL 102 -103 degrees. M. soluble type, insoluble in alcohol and ether; restores solutions Fehling, silver nitrate; hydrolyzed acids and enzyme maltezou contained in saliva, the pancreatic juice, intestinal juice, muscle, liver and blood, distributed in plants and microorganisms.
Maltose occurs in free form in some plants. Get on hydrolysis (the saccharification) starch beta amylase (malt a diastasis)contained in the malt (dried sprouted grains), or fermentation of starch with the help of a special mold. M is formed in the gastrointestinal tract enzymatic breakdown of starch, glycogen and other carbohydrates and hydrolyzed next to glucose, the form of which is absorbed. M is applied in food industry, especially for the manufacture of baby food products, brewing and distilling (in the form of crude product - maltose treacle), and Microbiology. Cm. also Disaccharides.