Malthusians - reactionary bourgeois doctrine, got its name from the English priest and the bourgeois economist Thomas Malthus, who tried to prove that the company allegedly there are eternal, "natural", fatal laws, according to which the population reproduces faster than increase the funds necessary for human existence. Poverty, hunger, disease, unemployment working classes, argued Malthus and his followers are not the result of the operation, and the effect of the laws of nature. In the Experience of the law on population (1798) Malthus wrote: "the Population tends to double every 25 years and to grow exponentially... livelihoods under the most favorable conditions for labor in no case can not grow faster than an arithmetic progression". This statement Malthus built misanthropic "theory"that justifies the exploiting classes and responsibility for aggravated social contradictions transfers to the "laws of nature".
In human society, according to the Maltus. as in nature, there is a tendency to unlimited reproduction. In the world of animals and plants, it softens the wholesale destruction of organisms in the fight for existence. In human society, this trend must be delivered to limit artificially. "We must, " wrote Malthus,is to be consistent and to contribute to acts of nature, causing mortality; and if we're worried too frequent repetition of hunger in his terrible forms, we should earnestly encourage other destructive forces of nature, which are called to life. Instead of preach among the poor necessity of observance of cleanliness, we should encourage the opposite habit. It is necessary to make cities more narrow streets, overpopulate home and contribute to the repetition of the plague. It is necessary to build villages near stagnant water bodies and especially to facilitate the settlement of wetlands and unhealthy places. But first of all we should condemn the use of special drugs for the treatment of fatal diseases, and to condemn those good, but misguided people who are inventing methods for the eradication of certain evils, I think, that provide a service to mankind."
Based on malthusians, bourgeois theoreticians and practitioners of health refused to health care workers, justified the war and the epidemic in that they reduce the number of people argued that it was not necessary to struggle with mortality (death takes away the weakest, they should not prolong life). The views Malthus had some influence on Darwin and his theory, but Darwinism (see) have demonstrated academic failure maltusiana. Unfounded and inadmissible the transfer of the factors reducing the number of plants and animals, human society. The falsity of maltusiana, his antinauseant been conclusively proven during the life of Malthus his contemporaries, that did not prevent the dominant classes to pick up "theory" Malthus as an antidote to the revolutionary ideas of justification operation, praising wars of conquest. Malthus ' at the right said for the English bourgeoisie desired word" (A. Bebel). N. G. Chernyshevsky the review on "Principles of political economy" D. S. mill clearly showed gross manipulation of Malthus, who as an example, took data on the growth of the American population in the period of its rapid colonization, when the population growth was determined by the inflow of immigrants, not birth. By definition, K. Marx, for Malthus "characteristic deep meanness of thought". Engels added that malthusians is "nasty, low, hideous mockery of nature and humanity".
K. Marx proved that each historically specific mode of production has its own laws of the population. Relative overpopulation, unemployment, the existence of a reserve army of labour characteristic of capitalism, by its laws, and does not depend on some "eternal laws of nature." C. I. Lenin, criticizing approval Struve the effect of "Sakala correspondence between the reproduction of the population and livelihoods", wrote about the impossibility to build abstract law of the population, ignoring the specific historical system of social relations and their development stage.
Conclusion Malthus about the reduction in the birth rate is also false and groundless. C. I. Lenin in the article "the working class and neomalthusianism" (1913) wrote: "Conscious workers will always point to the most ruthless struggle against attempts to impose this reactionary and cowardly doctrine the most advanced, most powerful, most ready for the great transformation of the class of modern society".
The latest followers Malthus announced overpopulation greatest threat to humanity. The views Malthus the basis of the inhuman Nazi theories. Malthusians was, for example, the basis of the state policy of German fascism: it Malthusian ideas of the German fascists were first developed so-called theory of "living space", the necessity of seizure of foreign territories, and further - the theory and practice of mass destruction of people. Racism (see) is closely connected with neomalthusianism.
The failure of maltusiana and his latest modified variants is proved not only by great progress in science and technology, allowing to reach the unlimited growth of the productive forces, but also a vivid example of the success of the socialist countries, which eliminated the relative overpopulation and continuously improves the living standard of the people.