"The best in the world mom and dad"

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So imperceptible for me Vova spent in the family of each other all day and evening. He wasn't awkward, difficult. He even began joyfully to laugh along with everyone looking at the antics of the cat. He has forgotten even today unpleasant event at school.. that Kolya's mom is in total stranger woman. He was well. Very well. And suddenly he heard:
"Mom, tell us how to be... you Know, in school - Kolya looked at frozen in surprise Vova and added with emphasis... a man called teacher... a fool... and another...".
Kolya's mother, surprised and scared he looked up at his son: "Who is this the same person?.." Nick was silent. "It is I, Maria Petrovna",- said suddenly Vova...
"How are you, son",- just like his son asked Maria Petrovna, "how do you... could be..."
"She doesn't know anything about me, hurt in Vovinam brain -- know that I am the worst of the guys, despised by all, and especially girls, for my evil mockery of them... And know nothing of the Kolka will not allow me to be friends... And my parents, too, doesn't know...".
The conversation ended. They sat quietly. And suddenly - a fun filled call heralded dad's ward.
"Here we are! - from the threshold he cried, rubbing his shivering in the cold hand... " And why it's so quiet?" And seeing Vova: "And who is this, a new candidate for astronauts? Well, let's get...".
Nikolai's father immediately captivated Savino heart. He was all in motion, told the guys are amazing and unprecedented even by them things organized games with them. Going home, he saw Nikolai, Podlazov womens apron, fun collects from the table, the dishes, something excitedly tells his wife.
"So, what are the best mother and father... And the truth, perhaps, they are",- sighed, thinking Vova...
Before leaving, he, not knowing how it happened, for the first time in my life said to everyone: "Thank you for everything...". And already in the corridor whispered to his friend: "you Know, I've thought about it a spot on the floor... Maybe tomorrow together we shall RUB, eh?". His voice sounded a hope that it will invite here.
Child deprived of this family happiness, tries to find it in communication with other people, and in this fellowship often begins rebuilding of many of his qualities and actions.
So, the door COLINAS apartments were closed, and he was left alone with their usual thoughts, sorrows and anxieties. I had to go home.
Somehow it to find?.. And what to do with the entry in his diary: "I Ask to go to school"... "May, to tear out the page,- flashed redemptive.- No, it can learn: father again beat!..". Vova lived near Colin ro home. Soon he came to the door of his apartment.
At the door we could hear a shrill singing, the clink of glasses. "Again!" evil thought Volodya and swore. At the door he walked in quietly, trying to remain undetected...
The room was stuffy, very smoky and smelled of wine... All things from tobacco smoke seemed to be covered in fog... Sitting at the table were obviously drunk. Some tried to sing, but instead seemed to squeeze out a hoarse sounds sketchy... Others sat peacefully together. Known already Vova uncle Petia for some reason all the time enough aunt Nadia hands that hand, shoulder, and then, quietly, under the table, his leg... Father and mother sat from red wine, gloomy... Vova they paid little attention. Only the father, piano swearing, said, "it's you, the wretch! Come on, give your diary!".