"The best in the world mom and dad"

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Such happiness need to win, defeating to do this every day and every hour all your weaknesses.
Our couple has successfully coped with this task. Having passed a good school of pure friendship, they preserved the best traditions of true friendship for many years. In their family usually had an atmosphere of order, cleanliness, discipline, heat and warmth.
This atmosphere did not happy parents and their son Kolya. Isn random his merry, cheerful appearance? It's easy to understand why he believes his parents are the best in the world! Did you cannot guess why he was so sensitive to the grief friend, although not understand all of his spiritual experiences?
And Lovina family? How was it?
Parents Vova - factory workers, in the team mates don't have any respect. Father Pavel Ivanovich - rough, undisciplined, often drinks. With mother Vova met at a party at his buddies. The same evening came with it in close relationship. Officially registered their marriage two years after the birth of her son. From the first days of life together Paul began to beat his wife, was kicked out of the house, blaming that by marrying him to herself, she had ruined his life.
Mother Volodya, weak-willed woman, frivolous, sincerely confessed everything that does not love her husband, suffering with him, but considers it necessary to tolerate this situation because of the desire to give the child of the father, even bad.
As soon as he began to comprehend one's surroundings, he began to observe the drunken antics of the father heard his rough war with the mother. As a result, he became acutely feel the hatred for his father. He often cried in his sleep, he jumped up and shouted: "don't you dare not, I'm afraid you...". Gradually he began to hide from parents all, he was concerned.
At school he was rough with children, especially girls, admitted ugly gestures, vulgar expressions. In one lesson, the teacher took him a few postcards and drawings of naked women and men. Taking his cards and putting an f for the behavior in the diary, the teacher gave the instruction to send to call father.
And here, horrified forthcoming, he could not restrain himself and swore...
There are two classmates, two peers, two different destinies. Ahead of them a large independent life and the personal and the public. She should be happy, healthy, beautiful. But who knows whether such Volodya? Will he be decent and modest, honest and strong will to respect, to love, to be true and honest? These qualities are brought up from childhood and largely depend on other people: first of all, from parents, teachers, friends.
Dear parents! Concern today about my baby, don't forget as much as possible closer look at themselves, their advantages and disadvantages! Your children's future depends on your ability not only to see their good and bad traits, but also on your desire to control myself, eliminating all unworthy, small, and giving young people the best that you have managed to acquire.
Remember! Your first responsibility is to educate people worthy, chaste, alien vulgarity and depravity, persistent in any difficult of life's trials.