"The best in the world mom and dad"

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We will speak first of all about parents, about the people with whom to little man usually begins life with its joys and sorrows, starts a huge and unknown world. What you fathers and mothers? Sad or joyful, angry or kind, interesting or boring? The children really want to respect you, be proud of you. Do you give them this opportunity? Not spoil whether children open and loyal heart difficult experiences? Do not leave if sometimes a little person without attention and support, are not indifferent to their interests?
If so, then for a child, many paint the outside world fade away, the days become monotonous and black, and thought as a child heavy. So he falls into the category of "difficult". It all starts with you, the parents. So once again a very careful look at themselves, at their actions, relations with children. Remember, in your hands a living human heart beats, fragile and delicate. This is the heart of your child. Make sure it rejoiced, rejoiced, loved, was proud of.
And now let's listen to the rhythm of the heart's two guys, two friends, classmates, standing near the school building. One of them is accurate, lively, energetic, extremely concerned depressed, sad as another sloppy, pale, slender... What happened? Why the hearts of these two peers not beat in unison, not exult with joy, not be expanded to meet new interesting day? Listen.
"Do not worry, Vova - soothes friend cheerful fortress Kolya.- Of course, nothing you retorted Claudia Fedorovna. It was immediately sorry to ask, but... you Know,like and then it suddenly " come to us. We know how."
It for a minute stop, though remembers something, and then very hot, confidently and happily adds: "we'll surely help. And understand. You don't fear." And quite proudly, "You do not know that I have the best in the world mom and dad".
"The best in the world? thinks Vova.- And what are they the best? Probably, it is not the same as mine."
He remembered the house and, as if in a dream, heard the words of another: "don't be scared to admit it - that's all."
"Confess? - with fear thinks Vova.- Yes what he, in fact. Admit it... Unless he understands what it means to me this recognition. Could he suppose that will happen to me then. Now if he could see my father." Shoulders boy flinch and priderjivayutsa. He said yesterday: "once again will cause you will fail". And he knows that father's not worth anything to keep them. After all, that's what he does is always with her mother. Boy remembers the dark stairs, her cold stairs and mother's tears. Father, drunk, often driving them out of the house. Well can he, Kolka, to understand it? There it as the best in the world. And if I completely wrong?
Puzzled Kolya was confused at all. "What kind of man this Vovka. And what he is angry? To help him want, and he...". Yes, if the child's heart the joy, he does not know the grief of others, it is not easy to understand this sorrow and especially to facilitate it. And yet each had a Vovk to himself. Here they slowly go next. Let's go after them and see how the children live, why differently knock their hearts and different they perceive the surrounding.
So, first open the door COLINAS apartments. Modest room, affordable furniture, paintings on the walls. Two desks - "my dad's", proudly explained nick. "He also attends night school and will come later." Parquet shines. "My work,- not without pride noticed Kolya.- We have a good try? Yes, yesterday, you know, a spot of ink made. Ter Ter... and was gone. We still have a knife to try".
"As you very scolded?" - asked Vova.- "Cursed? No. Cursed myself I myself, because I'm responsible for half, I have to deal with them. And the Pope only advised on how to remove the stain".
"That's it, Yes..,- wondered aloud Vova...And not cursed..." He remembered that in his school friend always tried well on duty, never making a mess, and it always set an example as the most accurate.
While friends considered ruts made aircraft model, came with a working mom. He saw a young, very funny, and very similar to Kolya Woman.
"And we have guests! - joyfully welcomed it Vova.- Very glad. Maria Petrovna - Kolya's mother". And handed Vova hand. "Yes you, sit down, don't be shy, now we will lunch!..".