A few words about manners

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Often young men and women to freely tell vulgar jokes, use cynical expression, ambiguous hints on intimate moments of life... In response to the filth they laugh loudly, that, obviously, expresses a certain understanding and commitment to savor so attracting young age, sex and relationships.
The question naturally arises: is this reaction young vulgarity the reflection of a certain family of conditions?
Life often confirms this assumption. Sixteen-year-old Yura all the school feels a cynic. It costs nothing to distort, misrepresent any beautiful description of relations, in any conceivable case. Especially manifested his cynicism towards girls. With it goes no one to dance, so how am ashamed of myself from others for his gestures - it crudely put to itself, and it will whisper in my ear...
It turned out that the behavior of the Jura is not an accident. From early childhood he was driven to the sea shore. Several times he visited in the South only with the father. Often seen as the father spoke to the women. One of them, it Yura remembered well, angrily rebuked father for what he thinks so bad about women, even looks at them, dignity, looking body look. These words Yura remembered well.
At the sight of Yura's father had parties, leaving for the night of new friends, and the next morning, after the guest uncomfortable apologized to her son.
But what it meant to Yura reached not at once. But later, in their conversations with friends about girls, he's showing himself a "connoisseur", carelessly dropped: "...My older brother gets married. Stupid... Why get married, when so interesting. The wife may soon get bored; even the best".
So the cynicism of the father gave birth to the cynicism of the son. What will it be? If there is no normal conditions, quite possibly, a loser, a bad man, not able to bring happiness to himself or others.
We are talking about the beach. Here, as nowhere else, clearly there are manners of the people.
Many boys and girls behave differently... look, tans sixteen year old girl. Tans, like all... No, not like others. Her pose is puzzling in some people, outrage among others and the desire to get closer and start a conversation from third...
The girl lying on the back. Arms thrown over his head, and his face covered with a handkerchief. And legs... They are not stretched out, and widely scattered and even bent at the knees...
Such postures young girls can be observed not only on the beach. See how warm Sunny June days on the green outskirts of the city, where towering high-rise residential blocks, different people have a rest: one, strictly dressed, walking trails, others are quite near, on the roadside. Especially noticeable half-naked body of young men and women in the most inappropriate ways. Passing outraged, they are ashamed of, not ashamed of who is lying beside the road: they are laughing, playing cards, drinking beer...
But back to the girl, sunbathing on the beach. Sitting close to the young man, smiling and showing his eyes in her direction, began to throw small stones, which fall on your feet, on your belly girls. As soon as it was removed from the eyes of the handkerchief, then immediately saw the face of one of the "attackers" over his face. "Let's get acquainted?- Somehow bad smiling and slowly drawl, he said.- I - Valera. There are my friends. And you as?".
The girl was confused, not looked down. She was neither surprised tone, nor eloquent glance newly Valera, nor even "you".
With the beach they went together, and later in the evening we walked. On arriving home opinionated Valera learned that got sick with a terrible disease, NB cruel repentance was not able to save him. So thoughtless and speed Dating led frivolous young man to serious illness, mental suffering and disappointment in people. If his childhood was developed sense of modesty and restraint, he would be able to understand the first counter girl, leading yourself openly defiant, and properly assess its cheeky manner, cynical poses and much more.
Good manners for a man is not a trifle. They largely reflect the nature of its internal warehouse, its complex spiritual world, his attitudes, beliefs, habits.
What can say, for example, the human gait? Is it possible to define his character, such as modesty? Largely often manage to understand a particular feature of a person, expressed purely external signs.