A few words about manners

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Often adults are rightly outraged ugly, or, as they say, "too free" manners of some young people. Don't know how, they say, they dance, nor to be friends beautifully. Whether so it? And whether the value of manners, gestures of people for the education of their dignity, honour, and as the first sign of the highest - shame?
Let's take a closer look around and try to see and to critically evaluate everything that is connected with the behavior of young people.
So, are included in the subway car. We examine sitting and standing people. And immediately see a young passengers. Here sets a girl of sixteen, very pretty, very fashionable, very shortened dress. With a portfolio. Obviously, a student or a high school student. Why gaze stops on it? Because so ugly, her posture feet apart, knees and thighs, totally naked, closed portfolio. Immediately the question arises: is nobody had taught this girl right and nice to sit, thereby respecting yourself and others? Adults, constantly communicating with young, should accustom them to this beauty in everything - in appearance, in manners, in everyday behavior in society. Undoubtedly, the most important factor of education of beautiful manners is own behaviour of parents. Respectful and tactful attitude of the spouses, their courtesy, politeness, tact in the relationship, intolerance of rudeness, arrogance, swagger determine the development of such an important quality of a growing person, as modesty.
Have you ever observed that boys and girls older behave in the same situation quite differently? Take, for example, several situations.
A Sunny summer day. Walking in the Park. Everywhere gay tanned face. A lot of young people. Now, among us there are two... This is, perhaps, the pupils of the ninth or tenth grade. Both go with shining faces, holding hands. The young man in his free hand - two portfolios - and his girlfriend. Free bench... how carefully spreads a newspaper man, to not spoil white dress of his companion. Got the book. Read together, leaning over the page. Then he draws a stick on the sand some scheme, probably, explains something. Grateful smile girl, who understands the nod. But... whether will keep the young long in one place? Rising up first, a young man offers his hand to the girl and, noticing how cold on the street, laying her shoulders of his cloak. Go. And it's a joy and a pleasure to think that in this small episode we saw the purity and beauty of your youth, first thrill of big feelings, respect to him, chastity both.
It is thought, would have had this young man to protect his girlfriend, he would do it with dignity and passion, reflecting high pure feeling...
And I want, even mentally, to wish these adolescent children to stay forever so perfect, clean, basic.
But what is it? Is another pair. He and she were about the same age. Still quite young. The young man, tall and well built, she is much less than its growth. They go as there are now many of their peers are closely tightly pressed against each other. The hand of the young man wrapped around the body of a girl... Both stop... Like something whispering. Kissing. "The eyes of all, look, shameless,- angrily muttered sitting on the bench grandmother, a pensioner. "Can we be like that? Is it so could I do? Where was their shame?".
Young people are moving away, not paying attention to condemning the vote. Go to a secluded alley, as well tightly pressed against each other. And adults become anxious for them.
The same manners can be observed among young people riding on the metro, trams, sitting on Park benches. Secluded places in the evenings filled with silhouettes sitting. Far from the eyes of the adults can take freer, trying to speak easily. You can see the ugly scuffle started, here, on the grass: the girl lifted the dress, the hand of the young man reaches for her body. Slight resistance girls easily suppressed youth force. "The game! - some will say - and we at their age...".
Of course, maybe the game. But the game sometimes dangerous, drawn through much needed in these cases modesty,quality, protects from premature sexual activity, protecting honor and dignity and girls, and boys.
No, manners of the young is not a trifle. On a very difficult stage of sexual development they regulate the relations of youth, inhibit or stimulate manifestations of sexual feelings. Very important such manner as the ability to talk to each other, the ability to look at the person, to dance, to walk.