Marie-Bamberger syndrome

Marie-Bamberger syndrome (P. Marie, that is, Bamberger; synonym: references for additional information system periostat, references for additional information generalized giperostos, hypertrophic pulmonary osteopathy) - peculiar reaction of an organism to diseases of the chest (tumors of the lung or mediastinum, chronic pulmonary suppuration, tuberculosis, Echinococcus, pneumoconiosis, heart diseases with stagnation, ulcerative endocarditis), and cirrhosis of the liver, chronostasis etc.
Etiology M - B. C. unclear; none of the proposed hypotheses (toxic, gipotermicescoe and others) have not received General recognition.
The emergence of Marie-Bamberger syndrome part of patients with the above diseases (up to 7-9,8% for lung cancer), as well as a number of other diseases (chronic enterocolitis, sprue, kidney disease) talks about a possible polyetiological and his probable role of antiallergenic.
Postmortem expressed enhanced proliferation and loosening of fibrous and cambium layer and abundant vascularization of periosteum with increasing calcification and stiffening of her starting from the outside and gradually spreading inside. As assimilation periosteal osteophyte and thickening of the cortical bone layer can dissolve from the inside. Swelling soft tissue of the affected limbs, "drum your fingers".
On radiographs Marie-Bamberger syndrome gives a picture of the periosteal first non-assimilated osteophytes thickness up to 7 mm, itanalyst to metafizik and motoblaze covering DiViSy tubular bones of the limbs. Their shadows in most cases, smooth, sometimes the wavy, rarely layered. Compacting and when assimilated, osteophytes thicken subject to the bone (Fig. 1 and 2). Symmetrically can marvel at all the bones of the limbs (except the nail phalanxes); sometimes affects only the lower limbs. In rare cases, periosteal layers are observed on the bones of the pelvis. Sometimes osteoporosis. Patients often experience severe pain in the extremities, especially in the joints, in the absence of changes on x-rays. With a concomitant symptoms of "drum finger nail phalanxes on radiographs can give a picture of resorption, since heads. In rare instances in men join trophic changes of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, growth of fibrous connective tissue in the form of rough sinuous folds, mostly on the head - cutis verticis gyrata. The radiological signs Marie-Bamberger syndrome need to start looking for the underlying disease (lung tumor, bronchiectasis and others). M - B. C. can occur at any age and in any phase of the underlying disease; in part of the cases it is the earliest, such as cancer of the lung. The pace of development of the syndrome of different - from very rapid (within a month) to long (months and years). The cure of the main disease causes a reverse development of symptoms; first of all pain disappears, but periosteal osteophytes dissolve slowly.

Fig. 1. Thigh with multiple osteophytes syndrome Marie-Bamberger (lung cancer).
Fig. 2. Elbow joint syndrome Marie - Bamberger (when empyema).