Marie-Foy reflexes

Marie-Foy reflexes (P. Marie, C. Foix) - economically and extension reflexes belonging to the category of spinal reflexes automaticity and emerging in cases hemiplegia and paraplegia with the defeat of the pyramidal tract. Economically reflex is in synergy triple flexion in the ankle, knee and hip joints and can be caused by superficial and deep irritation, but particularly easy - nociceptive stimuli (harmful) character; one of the methods of his summoning is enhanced passive plantar flexion of the fingers or feet.
Extension reflex occurs less frequently; lies in the synergy extension of the lower extremity at the ankle, knee and hip joints at a weak stimuli, such as stroking the inguinal folds, stomach and other proximal areas, and simultaneously with ukrotiteli reflex on the other side.
Marie-Foy reflexes, appearing very early in hemiplegia after a stroke, called first, not only on the affected side, but sometimes also healthy, albeit at a weaker level. With bilateral lesions of the pyramidal tract economically reflex is particularly acute in cases compression paraplegia. When not completely full cross-break spinal cord economically reflex, pronounced in a stage of increased reflex excitability, in severe cases, the progressing continues to grow even in the stage of attenuation of the tendon reflexes. When fully cross the defeat of a spinal cord economically reflex detected blurred.