Gauze - dilute cotton fabric, thread which bound in the form of fine or coarse grid.
Hygroscopic gauze defatted, white. Check the degree of hygroscopic gauze, putting in the water a piece 5X5 cm; it must go down not later than 10 sec.
Most hygroscopic loose gauze is used for preparation of tampons, napkins, balls, gipsani bandages (see Plaster technique), more dense - for the manufacture of bandages (see). Capillarity Marley check on the lift height (in cm) solution eosin 2 : 1000 for 1 hour on a strip of gauze width of 50 mm Gauze should not contain impurities and especially starch. The presence of the latter is revealed blue staining under the action of iodine alcohol solution.
Produced gauze piles to 2000 m wide 68 see is Stored in a clean dry warehouse. Gauze severe cream-colored, not hygroscopic, only suitable for the manufacture of bandages.