Marsupialization - the method of surgical treatment of cysts of different localization, mainly cysts of the pancreas, if you cannot remove them. After dissection and drainage of cysts edge of the wall sewn into the edges of the incision in the abdominal wall. In subsequent cyst is granulations and roboeda.

Marsupialization (from lat. marsupium - bag) - a device used in surgical treatment of cysts abdominal or chest cavity, and sometimes bodies. In cases where the cyst is not removed, tampered wall sewn into outer wounds (if cysts brain sew Dura mater); while healing occurs by filling cavities granulations. Before marsupialization was used widely ovarian cysts, ligaments, uterine, and when if Echinococcus bubbles. Because the cyst can be very large and extremely long time heals under tampons, and sometimes remain fistula, at present, to marsupialization use much less. It is produced when Echinococcus, and also in those cases when the cyst (for example, pancreas) in its location is great difficulties and dangers to remove or being fused with neighbouring authorities, without damaging the last deleted cannot be.