Martin agar

Martin agar (W. Martin) - environment for the allocation of gonococci. For preparation Martin agar meat water add 0,5% phosphate disubstituted sodium (Na2HPO4), 1% peptone Witte and 2% agar-agar. For every 5 ml of the prepared environment add 0,5% alcoholic solution of phenolphthalein and normal NaOH solution until slightly pink. The mixture is filtered, poured into test tubes and sterilized. Before use of the beveled surface of the agar put 3-4 drops of fresh inactivated human serum blood and the environment put in a thermostat at night for the control. On agar Martin gonorrhea form a gentle wet colony pale-blue color with a concentric lines and grainy centre, sharply distinguishing it from other colonies species of microorganisms group Neisseria. Cm. also Nutrient medium.