Martin broth, peptone

Martin broth, peptone (A. J. Martin) - nutrient medium used for cultivation of different bacteria, as well as to obtain diphtheria toxin.
Martin peptone - enzymatic acid-hydrolyzed gastric mucosa of pigs or other animals (cattle, dogs).
Major pork stomachs with a large number of mucus and intact mucosa wipe the outside (washing should be avoided, as it washed enzymes) and freed from the content. Crushed stomachs pour acidified (20 ml of hydrochloric acid to 1 liter of water, heated to 50 degrees, mixed and placed into a thermostat for 18 hours. when temperature of 45 degrees. Mix carefully mix every 2 hours. After 18 hours. peptone heat 5 minutes at temperature of 80 degrees, it is cooled up to 45 and add 1 liter peptone 2 ml of glacial acetic acid and leave it for the cold to defend. The content peptone should be 3-4%, amino nitrogen - 130-160 mg. Peptone stored at a temperature of no higher than 8-10 degrees.
Martin broth prepared as follows: drain siphon the clear part peptone, heated to 80 degrees, neutralize 20% sodium hydroxide solution, boil for 5 minutes and filtered. Then mix equal quantity and meat peptone water, boil for 5 to 10 minutes, add 0.25% solution of sodium chloride, boiled again, set the desired response environment and filtered. Stock ready fractionally over two days sterile fluid the ferry. Ready soup Martin contains 1,5-2% peptone and 110-130 mg amino nitrogen.
Cm. also Broth meat-peptone, the Nutrient medium.