Mineral oil

Oil mineral mixture of hydrocarbons obtained in the processing of high-boiling fractions of oil, coal, shale. Mineral oils contain mainly naphthenic, paraffin, multi-core cyclic and other hydrocarbons (see). Mineral oil (in particular, spun and anthracene) may contain carcinogenic substances (see).
In engineering and economy M m are mainly used as a lubricant. M. M. divided into industrial (for lubrication of machines and so on), for the lubrication of internal combustion engines (air, road, diesel), compressor, transformer, turbine and other agriculture M m use as pesticides and herbicides for weed control, and as solvents chemicals (see agricultural Pesticides). It is necessary to take into account the possible Carcinogenicity. M. M. widely used as solvents, fillers.
Mineral oils used in medicine, are subjected to more thorough General cleaning and special cleaning from impurities of carcinogenic substances. The greatest application have vaseline (see) and vaseline oil (see), which are used for the preparation of simple and complex mazevyh bases, liniments, emulsy, and also as auxiliary substances to facilitate the dispersion of hard drugs introduced into the composition of ointments of vaseline. In addition, vaseline oil is used as a laxative means. Solid mineral oil (for example, solid paraffin) are used as seals mazevyh bases, prefinancing, histological techniques, to fill the tubes with the closure dampen and volatile medicines for waxing is produced paper.