Masturbation (synonym: Masturbation, ipsala, the secret habit) is an arbitrary irritation erogenous zones or excitement his mind to orgasm produced without sexual intercourse. Masturbation is observed in both sexes. There are mechanical and mental Masturbation. Most often both components (mechanical and mental) complement each other. Ejaculation (see) and the orgasm is achieved by irritation erogenous zones: the penis and urethra in men and vagina, clitoris and nipples women. Sometimes when Masturbation used (candles, tubes, catheters, nylon fishing line), which is injected into the urethra or vagina.
Masturbation is most often involved before puberty at the age of 14 - 18 years. With the beginning of sexual life, the number of people engaged in Masturbation, and decreases after 25-26 years Masturbation observed rarely.
Masturbation can lead to various psychological and sexual disorders. Male Masturbation contributes to congestion in the sex glands and a number of diseases: the vesicles, the prostate and others; is one of the factors in the etiology of sexual impotence. Women Masturbation causes congestion in small pelvis, increased secretions and mucus from the vagina, sometimes hypertrophy of the endometrium, pain in the pelvis and lower back, contributes to the development of vulvovaginitis.
In order to prevent Masturbation avoid irritation of the vulva, to ensure regular bowel movements, conduct timely treatment of helminthic invasions, eczema skin of the external genitals. Recommended physical training and sports, cold wiping, water procedures. Of great importance in the prevention of Masturbation is sex education of adolescents (see puberty).

Masturbation (from lat. masturbare - Masturbation; synonym: Masturbation, ipsala) is an arbitrary act of artificial stimulation of erogenous zones, produced either by the subject, or when somebody's assistance to cause an orgasm with ejaculation. Masturbent at the time of stimulation of erogenous zones most often causes in your mind several erotica painted fantastic views about, for instance, made by him in this moment you have sex with a welcome him a person of the opposite sex. Then the act of Masturbation can no longer be considered only peripheral (mechanical) or only the psychic, and is associated. Causes contributing Masturbation lot. The most significant of them - premature awakening sexual feelings caused by reading literature with erotic content, watching teenagers ill movies, erotic dancing, etc. is a bad example (indecent assault committed by other persons with the purpose abuse, sexual life of parents in the presence of children and so on). Causes of M may be causing itching diseases (genital candidiasis, enterobiasis and other). Often Masturbation acts committed by persons sentenced to long sexual abstinence in adverse life situations (imprisonment, later marriage and so on). Other reasons causing Meters, is unhealthy sex education.
Relative representation on the prevalence Masturbation among persons of male and female gives anonymous questionnaire survey, which shows that the 60 - 64% of respondents aged 19-25 years indulged M From the same questionnaire shows that among females M is much rarer. According to L. I. mil'man theorem (1965), 97% of those involved in M habit it was not long; it disappeared as soon as possible to start a regular sexual life. Although the damage caused by Masturbation, obviously exaggerated, it is impossible to ignore some of the factors that really harmful for the body of masturbate. Analiticheskie excesses put immature body such damage, which bring sexual excesses body Mature person. The most frequent companion of such incidents is the functional depletion spinal centers erection and ejaculation, evolving in response to their long and excessive irritation. The most harmful effects of PM has on the psyche. Sometimes the fear of the serious consequences M is so great that there are a variety of obsessive behavior, peculiar psihologicheskoi personality. Patients tend to exaggerate the role of Masturbation in the Genesis of sexual disorders. This is particularly evident among men: they are afraid of possible failures when attempting sexual intercourse. The fear to discredit himself in connection with such failure may fix itself in the mind of the patient and to paralyze him onset erections in appropriate situations. Consequently, sexual disorder that develops in such patients, in the past, engaged M, is not down to lower their potency that they have a sufficiently large, and from the psychic influences, formed in the cortex of the hearth braking. It is also known that Masturbation plays a role in the Genesis of a variety of local disorders from the posterior urethra, seed of a small prostate. Arising in connection with frequent analiticheskii acts congestive hyperemia can lead to the formation of prostatitis, vesiculitis, Kolokolov. Can be balanite and balanopostita, and at the narrow foreskin - paraphimosis. Women Meters long can cause cardiac enlargement of the clitoris, and female - injury to the hymen and vulvovaginitis.
To prevent the development of the habit of Masturbation in children should avoid anything that may cause irritation of the genitals (the touch of the hand, tight clothing, and so on). The bed of the child should not be too soft and the room temperature to exceed 15 degrees. Children after a morning Wake-up should not stay in bed. In the prevention Meters important physical labor and various types of physical culture and sports.
Treatment M must accompany a number of measures to improve the environment of the patient, if necessary. In the treatment of already developed M. need of psychotherapeutic influence on the patient, which should, on the one hand, to explain the harmful consequences of this evil, but on the other, it is important to prevent and development of excessive, far-fetched fears that may cause the patient anxiety and hypochondria.