How to calculate health?

It would seem that in General Pediatrics and mathematics? However, we will not hurry with the answer...
Mathematics more and more penetrating into all spheres of activity, including biological and medical. And once medical, and Pediatrics. Expanding the use of computers.
With their help, and with the assistance of television has become possible to transfer to a distance of electrocardiograms seriously ill in the centre and consultations of specialists. Developed a special program for the diagnosis of diseases in the distance. But this does not mean that the computer will replace the doctor. He only his attendant; for without knowledge of diseases and experience it is hard to establish even the basic program, which lay in the car.
I recall such a case. Academician G. I. Marchuk, head of the computing center of the Siberian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, decided to help pediatricians in the diagnosis and prognosis of hepatitis infection - disorder sometimes quite difficult. In one of clinics of the 2nd Moscow medical Institute, headed by academician of AMS of the USSR NV. I. Nisevich, were selected history of sick children. After mathematical processing G. I. Marchuk has created a formula that was possible to predict the outcome of liver disease in children. It was carried out in the clinic. And a strange thing. The machine is often heralded happy ending disease, and children died! And only when in "formula" was introduced specially designed correction factor - "the experience of the doctor", the machine became perfectly "working", and to predict what will be affected in the child.
Clearly, what huge work is necessary in the future for the development of similar programs in many diseases in children running hard. Mathematics was essential for the simulation of diseases, and to create a diagnostic machines, similar to that already established for the early detection of congenital heart defects in children.
The accumulation of a large number of observations for the treatment of patients and the development of computational mathematics allowed to put and to start resolving the task of creating methods of computer processing of clinical and laboratory data from many diseases.
An interesting proposal made of mathematics together with pediatricians to assess the gravity of the current dysentery. Given that for diseases of various severity the severity of each of the symptoms of the disease, was proposed their point score:
0 - symptom is missing,
1 - is poorly defined,
2 - moderately expressed,
3 - sharply expressed.
Was created a fairly simple formula by which admission is estimated state and assigned the most effective treatment.
On the basis of mathematical processing of data generated differential diagnostic tables that with the help of computer processing time to help establish the correct diagnosis. And as pointed out at the end of last century, S. P. Botkin, "a correct diagnosis is half the cure." But especially great progress from the further implementation of mathematics in Pediatrics should expect when creating specific biological models of disease, predicting the nature of the course of disease for the purpose of prevention of complications, and to assess the peculiarities of its development.