Motherhood controversial

Motherhood is debatable - the dubiousness of motherhood women in relation to a particular child. The need to establish maternity occurs in the judicial and investigative practices in the excitation of Affairs about the substitution of children in maternity hospitals, children's hospitals, fictional birth, kidnapping or the planting of a child and so on, the question of the possibility for the woman to be a mother in General and, in particular, the mother of the child is decided obstetric-gynecological examination, which is performed in accordance with the Rules of forensic medical obstetric-gynecological examination (1966). This set signs and time former birth, and the presence or absence of diseases or abnormalities that prevent women from having children. Motherhood in relation to a particular child in the most reliable can be excluded by the study isoserologic and serum blood systems, as well as enzyme groups.
The establishment of maternity on the basis of the portrait likeness of mother and child, peculiarities of skin patterns on the fingers of hands and feet, study transmitted by inheritance malformations and pigment abnormalities due to the variability of these features are not widely used in practice.