McClure - Aldrich sample

McClure - Aldrich sample (W. C. McClure, C. A. Aldrich; synonym valdyma sample) - method of determination of violations of water exchange. Blister formed after intradermal injection of physiological solution of sodium chloride, rapidly absorbed in patients if there is swelling, than healthy, and resorption of blister is faster than vyrajenie swelling. Using this sample, you can define not only swollen, but predatelya state.
On the mechanism of accelerated resorption blister when edema is no consensus. Interpretation involves different factors: local anoxemia, violation of colloid-osmotic balance, changes in blood vessels and connective tissue substances, endocrine disorders, Central and autonomic nervous system.
Technique of carrying out of tests: 0.2 ml to 0.8% freshly prepared sterile solution of sodium chloride is injected inside the skin on the inner surface of the forearm. After the introduction of the solution is formed papular exaltation, the surface of which resembles lemon peel. It is recommended to make two blister at the distance of 2-3 cm from one another. The sample should be always in the same conditions (before delivery, in a sitting or horizontal position of the patient). The resorption of the bladder should be determined by palpation. Duration resorption in healthy people depends on age: adults - up to 60 minutes, in children under 1 year 29, to 5 years - 34 and 13 years of age - 52 minutes