Meconium is the stool of a newborn baby in the first 3-4 days of his life. Meconium consists of the intestinal mucus, intestinal epithelium, secrets of the various divisions of the digestive tract, gross bile, swallowed amniotic fluid that has accumulated in the bowels of the fetus during pregnancy. Outwardly meconium is a homogeneous, viscous, devoid of smell mass of dark green color.
In the first 3 hours after birth meconium sterile. Later appear in it colibacteria, enterococciand streptococci and spore-forming microorganisms.
On 2-3-day life in the faeces of a child appears in the feces (see). Mixed with meconium fecal masses are called transient. By the 5th day of life admixture meconium in stool disappears.