The stages of medical evacuation

The stages of medical evacuation is a medical facility or hospital (group of medical institutions)deployed in the evacuation of the affected patients and to provide them with medical assistance, treatment and training for evacuation. The stages of medical evacuation are regimental medical center (see), medical and sanitary battalion (see), individual medical detachment (DME), hospital (see) and hospital base of the front and interior of the district.
The remoteness of the stages of medical evacuation from the front depends on many conditions, the most important of which is the time during which the affected can be delivered at this stage is to timely provide medical care, military and medical conditions. The deployment location should be close to escape routes, going from the front to the rear of the distance from the object, attracting the attention of the enemy; if possible, near water sources.

Schematic diagram of the deployment phase medical evacuation.

Principle scheme of deployment of the stages of medical evacuation provides the following functional units (Fig): the reception and sorting office with sorting post offices care and treatment (transaction, dressings, hospital wards and others), emergency separation, isolation and separation special treatment (or the sanitary inspection). In the event of a massive influx of affected before the reception and sorting office is equipped with sorting space. In addition to these functional units are deployed diagnostics (laboratory, roentgenochemical), business units (kitchen, dining room, warehouses, power plant), pharmacy, management, premises for the personnel, etc. also Provides space for landing helicopters and aircraft. The most simple deployment scheme of the stages of medical evacuation - deployment of the RAP, the most complex and screening of the hospital, the hospital for lehtoranta and patients. The stages of medical evacuation deployed in tents, in various structures of settlements, specially created earthen shelters and other
When deploying stages of medical evacuation provides for its protection, fire fighting measures, convenience messages between functional units. In winter and in bad weather are taking steps to increase the capacity of receiving and sorting offices and on heating all areas, especially those where the affected and the sick. Cm. also Medical-evacuation support, medical Evacuation.