honeyHoney (lat. mel) is a food product produced by worker bees (Apis mellifera L.) mainly from the nectar of flowers melliferous plants. The main part of honey, invert sugar mixture of glucose and fructose. Average chemical composition of PM (in %): protein - 0,4, carbohydrates - 81,3 (including sugar - 75,0), water - 18,0, ash - 0,3.
Calorie honey - 335 calories/100 g M contains lactic, citric, malic to oxalic acid. Acidity M (in term of formic acid) is 0,10-0,12%. As part Meters discovered diastasis, catalase, acid phosphatase and other enzymes, there are (though small) amount of vitamins B2 (0.05 mg%), PP (0.02 mg%), (2 mg%), found vitamins B6, H, and that is the Bearer of vitamins in M is flower pollen. Ash M contains calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron and other micronutrients (see). The nutritional value of honey is determined by the content of easily digestible Sugars (glucose, fructose).
Meters are widely used in the confectionery industry, it is used also for preparation of drinks. Use Meters and as a substitute glucose (see) in the treatment of malnutrition and other diseases (the so-called M medical, or Mel depuratum).
When collecting bees nectar from the flowers of plants of the family of Ericaceae (Erikacea) - azaleas, rhododendrons, wild rosemary, Heather honey becomes poisonous properties ("drunk honey"). Poisonous beginning it is considered glucoside of andromedotoxin (formula With31N50Of10). For neutralization "drunk honey" boiled at 45-50° under pressure 60-67 mm RT. Art.
The symptoms of poisoning by eating drunken honey": dizziness, nausea, vomiting. 48 hours later comes the recovery. By organoleptic properties and chemical composition the drunk honey" as usual. To distinguish it can only pollen contained in honey, which under the action of sulfuric acid is painted red, and under the action of hydrochloric - takes yellow-green colour, turning crimson.
To store honey better at the temperature 5-10 Celsius in a dry aired premise. Sometimes in order rigged to PM mix sugar syrup, sugar beet and starch syrup, gelatine, dextrin, sodium saccharin.