Medical intelligence

Medical intelligence - event honey. services aimed at identifying conditions that affect the sanitary condition of the troops and the population and medical (medical evacuation, sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic) software. In the army medical intelligence is divided into sanitary-epidemiological and medical-tactical. The task of the sanitary - epidemiological intelligence is to gather information on sanitary-epidemic conditions of location and fighting troops, sanitary condition of settlements, living conditions and life of the population, and the nature of morbidity among the population, personnel of the troops and the troops of the enemy. Sanitary-epidemiological intelligence collects data on the sanitary state of water sources, food products; service on epidemic foci, the nature of infectious diseases, their sources and the reasons of distribution (in particular, the vector insects, rodents; local customs, promoting, and so on); removal and disposal of sewage; on local epidemiological tools and conducted by the sanitary and anti-epidemic actions.
Medical - tactical intelligence collects information about the conditions for the deployment of honey. institutions (courts, premises, constructions, natural disguise); conditions of evacuation (means of communication, of their nature, the cross for different modes of transport); about local tools that you can use in the interests of honey. service (civilian medical institutions, building material, fuel, sanitary equipment and so on).
The honey. participates in carrying out chemical and radiation intelligence service, collects information about the application of the opponent S and infected areas, PB, as well as conducting these kinds of intelligence in the area of the medical institutions. Participation honey. services in carrying out chemical and radiation reconnaissance consists in the examination of water and food contamination RV and S.
In the medical intelligence is at occurrence of the centers of mass of defeats the purpose of definition of the size of the sanitary losses, identify remaining buildings to use them for the purposes of deployment of the stages of medical evacuation, use of roads, and also verify the sanitary and epidemiological situation.
Medical intelligence should be conducted continuously, since the information submitted by it, have value when the timeliness of their receipt. Information medical intelligence must be correct, as otherwise this will lead to inappropriate environment solutions with all the ensuing consequences. Medical intelligence should be continuity, i.e. to provide the necessary mutual information honey. chiefs and other interested persons and institutions. In addition to collecting the required information, medical intelligence must be efficient, i.e. to carry out some urgent and training activities (decontamination of water, trace platform for deployment of honey. institutions, equipment and other).
Medical intelligence by the order of head of honey. services (departments, agencies) are created intelligence group, led by experienced doctors or medical assistants. The group included Junior medical staff. The group set certain tasks and allocate the equipment necessary for their implementation, transport, and indicate the dates of submission of intelligence. This data is the person in charge of medical intelligence reports in the form of written reports or report cards. The latter is a diagram of the examined object (site of the district, town) coated with intelligence data, supplied by explanatory text. The diagram is drawn in the approximate scale, using topographic map symbols (see figure). Intelligence information on the scheme depicted graphically conventional signs, accepted or established by the head of the organizing medical intelligence. If the legend is not accepted on a free field report cards are given their explanations (explication). In the upper left corner of the diagram, draw an arrow that indicates the direction to the North; under the scheme indicate numerical or linear scale. It is obligatory to specify who the document, time and place of its execution, the bottom should be legible signature of the originator.reporting medical scout