Medical fat

Medical fat - light yellow mass, derived from the liver of cod fish (fish oil; Oleum jecoris Aselli) or subcutaneous fat of marine mammals (whales, seals and other). Fish oil (natural) contains 1 g 350 IU of vitamin a and 30 IU of vitamin D2. Medical fat stored in the dark place at a temperature of no higher than 10 degrees, not more than 1 year. Used for the prevention and treatment of vitamin a and D (rickets).
Fish oil is also used topically in the treatment of wounds. Medical fat released in glass containers (by weight); also produced capsules, containing 1.4 g of fish oil.

Medical fat - liquid light yellow oil obtained from the liver of the fish SEM. cod (fish oil) or subcutaneous fat of marine mammals (whales, dolphins, seals). 1 g fortified medical fat contains vitamin a - 450-550 ME, vitamin D - 100 ME. Keep in dark place at temperature not higher than 10 degrees. Shelf life - not more than 1 year. Applied for the prevention of vitamin D (rickets) and vitamin deficiency. Preventive dose for a child under 1 year is half, from 1 year and older - 1½ chain. spoon, for pregnant and lactating women - 2 chain. spoon. It is recommended to take in the fall and winter months. In the treatment of rickets and a-vitamin insufficiency dose increase several times. Intoxication M. W. very rare.