Medical and other special treatments

Medical treatment in the sanatorium is not the main and should be conducted only when there are clear indications, as the majority of children with chronic diseases before entering the sanatorium has long been treated in hospital or clinic. It is necessary to take into account the ongoing therapy. Medical treatment in the sanatorium shown received here in patients who have not completed a course of treatment, or they were inadequate, as well as at exacerbation of the disease, in the event of intercurrent diseases.
In sanatorium for patients with rheumatism, the Department for the active phase of the disease continue Antirheumatic and cardiac therapy, against which gradually mounts exercise therapy, balneophysiotherapy, conduct ballinascarthy prevention. Injecting introduction of drugs should be limited to General mental attitude of the child in the sanatorium differed from the hospital. Children with congenital heart and circulatory inefficiency continue cardiotropic, metabolic therapy, antibacterial (in preparation for surgical treatment, podozrevaya on endocarditis). School-age children with advanced neuro-vascular anxiety sometimes you have to assign a soothing, sedative therapy for 7-10 days, if limited possibilities of applying balneological procedures.
In sanatoriums pulmonary profile of patients with defects, purulent endobronchitis, protracted segmental pneumonia, it is necessary to continue antibacterial therapy given microflora and its sensitivity, and to prescribe the drugs, contributing to the improvement of drainage function of bronchi (aminophylline, ephedrine), antihistamines, if there are signs of bronchospasm and allergies. They can be applied in the form of aerosols, gradually changing the composition of the medicinal mixtures as improving the condition of the mucous membrane of the bronchi (termination of cough, wheeze, normalization peak velocity of inhalation and exhalation, others LF, reducing the activity of inflammation). In the form of atopic bronchial asthma, frequent attacks in the period of adaptation to the conditions of sanatorium justified the use cromolyn-sodium (Intal). Patients in the period of remission with polyvalent Allergy shown nonspecific hyposensitization gistaglobina, and in the presence of allergic office and the prescribed allergen - specific hyposensitization.
In sanatoriums gastroenterological profile in patients with peptic ulcer disease at the beginning of treatment is sometimes necessary to continue the therapy astringent means (Almagel, vikalin, Rothera), and after 7-10 days begin balneotherapy (depending on the severity of secretory violations). When angioholities with painful phenomena shown antispastic drugs (no-Spa, papaverine, platifillin), cholagogue, folic acid supplements (within 7-12 days in the period of preparation for balneological treatment).
In chronic nefrologicheskijj diseases in local health centers patients should continue supporting dose of prednisolone (glomerulonephritis), nitrofuranovye drugs (pyelonephritis) and take herbal medicine as an independent treatment for previously conducted 3-b-month course of continuous treatment with chemotherapy or in combination with them (I-II degree of the process activity)that improves kidney function [Korovin N. A., 1983].
In the mental health centers are used bracing, restorative, sedatives, Cerebrolysin, Dibazol, neostigmine, glutamic acid, gluconate, glycyrrhizinate calcium, vitamins B1, B6, B12, Elenium, if indicated neuroleptics, tranquilizers and other
During sanatorium treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with signs of minimal activity process recommended nonsteroidal Antirheumatic drugs (salicylates, pyrazolone, indologie funds, ibuprofen, diclofenac-sodium), quinoline derivatives, sometimes intra-articular injections of hydrocortisone.
In the sanatoriums for treatment of scoliosis, osteochondropathy, osteomyelitis of great importance orthopedic methods using styling, gypsum cots / Cribs, stretching, orthopedic footwear, corsets, and other
In dermatological sanatorium is often necessary to apply the wax treatment, sedatives, and antihistamines for itching dermatosis and sleep disorders.
In most children's sanatoria operates dental office. Timely detection and treatment of the early stages of caries has significant therapeutic value, particularly for diseases such as rheumatism rheumatoid arthritis, bronchopulmonary pathology, and other chronic and allergic diseases.