Psychic self-regulation, meditation, and auto-training

Phenomena, which now will be discussed, are not, in fact, to a psychic or extrauterine. They relate to our possibilities to influence on the organism. But first of all this includes many have not cracked relatively deep resources of our psyche. In addition, these phenomena are often given the interpretation of parapsychological plan. It therefore seems appropriate to tell about them in the conversation. Let's put them down to parapsychology in the broad sense of the word.
We mentioned earlier that the state of mind, mental processes have a large impact on the body's functions, on bodily processes. Suggestion transmitted mainly verbal, through the thought of a man, can give the body the power to fight disease. The word can and do harm, that is, if the mental attitude of recovery increases our chances to resist, then reverse, negative mental effects can even kill. In this sense, rightly say that the word heals and words hurt. Allen Bombing, Perepelytsia in a rubber boat Atlantic ocean, specifically examined the question about the causes of death during the shipwreck. It turns out that already in the first day on the ship appear corpses. People had not yet hungry, has not had time to feel the pain of thirst - they die simply from fear, from mental shock, which leads to a serious physical disorders, such as heart attack heart. Famous case from the history of anaesthesia. The surgeon who gathered for the first time to use chloroform anesthesia, discussed about the operating table, where was ready for surgery the patient, the benefits of surgery under anesthesia. A colleague in response became vividly to mind when describing all the dangers of the use of chloroform. When the surgeon in the heat of conversation drew a line on the patient's body, showing how will the incision, the patient thought that has already started operation, and died from a mental shock. If he could apply anesthesia, would be that he was the cause of death, and anaesthesia would be permanently set aside from the surgical operating rooms. Sometimes, one wrong word or expression doctor considerably worsens the condition of the patient. In medicine there is even the term "iatrogenia", i.e. the origin of that disease depends on the doctor (in Greek "iatros" - doctor), and not as a result of incorrect treatment, namely because of the words or conduct of a medic. Not by chance the Soviet psychotherapist And. E. Velkovski, initiator of psychological prevention of pain in childbirth, threw doctors call for sterility words and behavior.
Now, we repeat: regardless of our will mental state, forming under the influence of different impacts, most of the words of other people, significantly affects the processes of the body. Along with this, however, we cannot arbitrarily affect any organ, the desire to strengthen or weaken its activities. How can this contradiction be resolved?
Allowed it simply. On bodily processes are influenced by the General state of the psyche, the overall emotional setting. After all, to protect his life, fighting for the life of her baby ancestors of man had to mobilize all the resources of his body. Therefore, in the course of natural selection has led to the connection of the mental state of the mobilization of the body. However, the nature took care to animals arbitrarily could not change their bodies. Regulation of body functions strictly automated. In such autonomy, the isolation of vegetative functions of our domestic Economy from interference psyche vast biological sense. Because the animal doesn't know when it is necessary to strengthen the work of the heart when it is necessary to halt the loss of bowel and other Nature designed our bodies so that the communication with the external environment knows the mind and management of the domestic economy from its conduct seized; only when necessary, General mobilization of forces, state of mind affects the regulatory system of the internal organs.
Thus, there is a reliable barrier that protects intimate internal processes from direct intervention of the psyche in their regulation. However, knowing now what kind of a disease which body it is desirable to stimulate or, on the contrary, calm, very tempting it would be to learn through the nervous system, without the intervention of chemical agents to make corrections into the activities of the individual instruments physiological ensemble, adjusted incompetent or ill conductor.
In an attempt to break through the protective barrier "psyche - somatic and learn to manage various physical, somatic (from lat. soma - body) authorities through arbitrary mental acts and directed developed long ago the measures that can be grouped under a good term "psychic self-regulation", which offered the Alma-ATA scientist A. S. Romain.
There are various methods of auto-suggestion. At the beginning of the last century was born the system of auto-suggestion, proposed by a French doctor Cue. Sometimes it was very effective. In the book of St. Zweig "Healing and the mind" described the American Mary Becker-Eddie, who suffered severe hysteria and up to 30 years in fact confined to bed due to permanent paralysis. Believing in the system of commercial energy accounting and starting with a fanatical persistence to apply it, Mary Becker-Eddie got to his feet, lived 90 years, and founded a special movement called "Christian science". The suggestion on Cue there was paid much attention to.
Currently widespread another form of auto-suggestion is autogenic training. Man teaches herself to relax, disconnect from the outside irritants and this so-called relaxation affect your mood and other mental processes by verbal importance. The technique of auto-training described in detail in the book by C. L. levy "the Art of being yourself".
Speaking about autogenic training, I recall the well-known truth: everything new is sometimes only the well-forgotten old. Since ancient times there is a system of self-improvement Indian yogis, which, along with complexes kind of physical exercises is provided by the so-called meditation - training ability to escape from the outside world and immerse yourself in yourself. Meditation sessions performed regularly for a long time, lead to a natural occurrence in the minds of certain images; it is believed that in the end people may reach a state Supreme bliss of Nirvana, or somethi. In the imagination of people, long engaged in meditation, especially those acting under the guidance of the experienced "gurus"- teachers, there are the same images. Apparently, we are talking about random calling themselves certain hallucinatory phenomena. Some types of psychopharmacological agents (the so-called hallucinogens) also causes certain hallucinatory experiences. It is not excluded that the same type of such phenomena in meditation is that their content is pre-programmed, i.e. suggested, through conversations with other, more experienced yogis, primarily by the "guru".
Meditation is actually an ancient form of auto-training, but rich mystical content. A number of our contemporaries are fond of it. Meanwhile, the newly revived ideas about biofield. Fanatics meditation assure that in this way you can open the "third eye" and become clairvoyant. Others say that in the state of meditation enter into communication with UFOs, etc. of Course, it cannot be excluded that the passion for meditation drive and mentally ill people. After all schizophrenia is quite a common disease, it affects 3-4 people per thousand population. It is difficult therefore to separate suggested hallucinations in healthy fanatics yoga from hallucinations sick people. By the way, delirium, consisting in imaginary interaction with the UFO began to appear already a quarter of a century ago. In the book of the famous novelist-futurologist Arthur Clarke's "moon dust" displayed a person suffering from such disorders. Nothing can be done, today life is shaken and in a delusional build sick, because the content of delirium uses the same footage brain "film"! Once delusions of persecution was associated with the devils and evil spirits, and now - with hypnosis, nuclear energy and UFOs.
Further scientific and practical study of different forms of psychic self-regulation and auto-suggestion is of great importance. We need to find ways to penetrate through protective barrier set by the nature, to affect our bodies in the right direction. Therefore, all the methods - from mental concentration on specific points of the body (as practiced yoga) to physical samorazdrazheniya these points - everything must be tested for the use of man. I think that the problems of the development of psychic self-regulation should be given serious attention. It is only necessary skill to distinguish here the wheat from the chaff.