Medical support of the armed forces

Medical support of the armed forces - a set of the actions of the military medical service of the health personnel of the Armed Forces, the timely provision of medical care to the affected in the battles and the sick, the rapid recovery of their combat efficiency and return.
Medical support of the armed forces, both in peace and in wartime is organized according to the plans of medical chiefs, approved by the command.
In peacetime conducted medical-prophylactic, sanitary and hygienic, and when indicated anti-epidemic measures. They are aimed at strengthening the physical condition of servicemen on the prevention and reduction of morbidity and improvement of the working and living conditions of troops.
Medical support of troops is a complex set of measures in the field of medical-evacuation (see Medical-evacuation support), sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic activities honey. service, as well as in the field of medical supply the troops.
Prior to the preparation of the plan of medical support of the armed forces on active operation medical Director clarifies the task of the medical service in the light of the combat mission of the troops and evaluates the situation, identifying the factors that may affect the organization honey. support for the troops (the correlation of forces, the state of the home front, San.-the disease. the state troops and of the area of their activities, the availability of forces and means of honey. services, their compliance to the task and other), as well as terrain and weather conditions. In assessing the situation conclusions that make up the solution of the medical Director on organization of medical support of the armed forces, identifies possible sanitary losses of troops (the number of the wounded and sick), the likely distribution of emergency areas and periods of combat actions, are rational grouping of forces and means honey. service, the volume of honey. care at the stages of honey. evacuation (see Medical care in the military field conditions), etc., To clarify the different conditions that can affect the sanitary-epidemiological condition of the troops or the activities of the medical service organized honey. exploration. The decision honey. head of the medical support of the armed forces shall be specified in the plan, which calls the place and terms of deployment stages honey. evacuation, the volume of rendered honey. assistance, distribution of forces and means of the medical service, the maneuver them, the creation of a reserve, anti-epidemic measures, order of supply of honey. the property measures on anti-nuclear, sanitary-chemical and bacteriological protection, etc. In military compounds may be individual plans medical-evacuation and anti-epidemic measures. The experience of world war II showed that the organization of the Maltese order of the fighting forces should be under strict accounting of all conditions affecting the operation of honey. services and first of all in accordance with combat situation.
In modern conditions when equipping armies with new types of weapons (thermo-nuclear, bacteriological, toxic S), the application of which leads to the appearance in short periods of time the mass and variety of lesions people, M. O. fighting troops becomes very important. The mass, increased the severity of the lesion, presence among the victims of a large number of persons with combined military defeats, the vulnerability of the health centres and institutions, the need to take measures for their protection against weapons of mass destruction dramatically increase the complexity and scope of work of the medical service of the Armed Forces (see). The emergence of new types of weapons, the increased mobility of troops and their ability to apply powerful blows, frequent and sudden changes of the situation presented for medsluzhba a number of high requirements. Medsluzhba have access to a sufficient number of medical-evacuation and anti-epidemic means possessing of such mobility, which would quickly move them after troops or in the centers of mass lesions that require the provision of honey. a larger number of affected or urgent preventive and anti-epidemic measures. Of great importance in the conditions of modern war must acquire training of medical staff, and ongoing management of forces and means of the service in accordance with the military, logistical and medical situation and its changes during the fighting.
Cm. Medical supplies.