Medical tests

The medical examination is one of the types of preventive and curative care, which is expressed in active health examination of certain populations. There are a preliminary examinations, periodic and targeted. Usually distinguish several groups that are under examination. The first group consists of employees of industrial enterprises and persons having contact with occupational hazards. When applying for a job they are preliminary, and further, in the process, periodic M. O. Preliminary M. O. conducted to identify diseases that working conditions with occupational hazards may worsen or foster the development of professional pathology. Equally important is the identification of the preliminary examinations of diseases that may impede the performance of a particular type of work (see Professional selection). There is a list of illnesses serving contraindications to the appointment of a variety of professions. Workers and employees, employed on the level of production, after a certain period of time - from one year up to two months - are subject to periodic medical examinations. Always be under the Maltese order teenagers before hiring and in the process of work.
Persons with symptoms of occupational diseases or poisoning establish clinical supervision. Preliminary and periodic M. O. spend doctors health units, health centers or territorial polyclinics, serving businesses and institutions.
The second group of persons under a preliminary and periodic medical examinations, are employees of such professions in which, having an infectious disease or as bazillonositelstve, they can be a source of mass infection. In particular, the Maltese order shall be persons who, by the nature of the profession in direct contact with food products (ranging from transportation to their implementation and handling of containers and equipment in the food objects), with children and their power in institutions, with a population (in baths, hairdressing). Persons with acute and some chronic infectious diseases, tuberculosis, venereal, pustular and other diseases of the skin to work in these objects are not allowed or if the disease is in periodic medical examinations, will blast. In accordance with this for all of these contingent; (besides the workers of sanitary-hygienic service of the population) for admission to work, and further through specific terms arrange bacteriological examination on presence of bacilli intestinal infections.
Children, from an early age, and before the graduation form the third group of persons subjected to periodic M. O. Entering in higher and secondary educational establishments are also M. O. Workers-students are under the supervision of doctors of adolescent rooms of medical institutions.
A special target group consists of medical examinations carried out to identify any specific disease or group of diseases (tuberculosis, oncological, gynecological and other). X-ray, fluorography of the whole population of the USSR with the purpose of revealing of tuberculosis is carried out at least once in two years. Cm. also the medical examination.