Medical examination

Medical examination is one of the types of treatment and prevention, which consists in active health examination of certain populations.
There are initial, periodic and targeted medical examinations. In accordance with approved by the Supreme Council of the USSR in December 1969, the Fundamentals of the legislation of the USSR and Union republics on health care In order to protect the health of the population, prevention of infectious and occupational diseases workers of the food industry, catering and trade, water supply facilities, medical and children's establishments, farms, other enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as enterprises, institutions and organizations with harmful working conditions are mandatory pre-employment and periodic medical examinations.
The list of professions and industries, for which compulsory medical examinations, and the procedure of such examinations shall be established by the USSR Ministry of health in agreement with the trade unions".
Preliminary medical examinations are conducted at receipt for work to determine how health satisfies the requirements of the profession (see Professional selection) and to identify diseases that in terms of working with privatnosti may worsen or to promote the development of occupational diseases.
There is a list of diseases, which are contra-indication for admission to employment in a number of disciplines. The data of the preliminary medical examination are the original for comparison with the changes in health status that can be revealed at carrying out of periodic medical examinations. Workers and employees, employed in this production, after a certain period of time - from two months to one year are subject to periodic medical examinations.
Periodic medical examinations shall ensure the identification of early warning signs Professor poisoning or disease, and diseases that etiological not associated with a profession, but which continued contact with this privrzenost especially dangerous. Persons with symptoms of occupational diseases or poisoning establish clinical supervision and, in addition, carry out the General sanitary-hygienic measures on production.
Generally allocate a certain contingent, which are subject to examination. The first group of persons under a preliminary and periodic medical examinations, are employees of industrial enterprises and persons having contact with privatnosti.
The second group of persons under a preliminary and periodic medical examinations, workers account for the food, children's and some municipal institutions. These persons are bacteriological examination to detect infectious disease or baillonella at receipt for work, as the faces of these professions can be a source of mass infection. After a certain time working these surveys will be repeated.
The third group of people subject to periodic medical examinations, are children of preschool age, school and work-teenagers.
Preliminary and periodic medical examinations performed by the doctors of the medical unit, health stations or territorial polyclinics, serving businesses and institutions.
The main task of the target screening is early detection of diseases (tuberculosis, cancer, cardiovascular, gynecological and other). Target preventive medical examinations are provided either by simultaneous examinations in organized groups, or examinations for all individuals applying for Medicaid.
In medical examination significant role belongs to the feldshers and midwives who participate in the organization of targeted preventive medical check-UPS, in the implementation of the clinical examination of patients, the organization of periodic medical examinations.
Cm. also the medical examination.

  • Medical examination of military personnel