Medical assistance to the workers of the industrial enterprises

In our country the workers of the industrial enterprises are serviced at the production principle. In large enterprises founded the medical-sanitary unit, which essentially are also integrated Association of hospital with polyclinic and in which all basic medical specialty. Staff health parts monitors the working conditions of the industrial enterprises, studies the incidence of workers with temporary disability. On the basis of this data, medical workers, together with the administration, party and trade Union organization plants (factories) take specific measures to reduce it. Each plant or factory are divided into the shop areas. Medical shop the areas at the enterprises of chemical, coal and ore mining industries are organized based 1500 working on one site, and in other branches of industry and construction companies on one site has 2000 employees.
In the absence of the medical-sanitary unit organized a medical aid post. Every doctor is assigned a specific workshop. In the shop the doctor and nurse carry out the whole complex of sanitary-and-hygienic and treatment-and-prophylactic measures.
Small industrial enterprises that do not have health units, serviced by the territorial polyclinics. One of the doctors clinic operates on the principle of the Guild of uchastkovoe, i.e. servicing of workers of the given enterprise on production principle.
In a number of industrial enterprises in the shops there are medical or nursing health units. They are headed by a paramedic or nurse. In conditions, when employees of industrial enterprises receive medical care from a physician territorial polyclinics, medical or nursing health center is its main base where he receives patients. If necessary, assist the specialists of the patients are referred by a doctor in the above-mentioned territorial polyclinic.
The main tasks of the medical or nursing health center are conducting a broad preventive measures among workers of the plant, providing them with first aid in case of injury, sudden illness, occupational poisoning and organization of preventive measures.
Nurse or nurses working in these health units, should know the features of this production, working conditions and professional pathology of workers and employees serviced shop. Under the leadership of the Guild of the doctor they do a great job on the protection of the health of workers: study morbidity with temporary disability of workers in close contact with the trade Union organization shall take effective measures to reduce them; help the Guild doctor periodic medical examinations of workers; participate in all activities related to health surveys of work; follow all directions of the physician in the treatment of patients. At each health centre should be hourly schedule of workshop doctor and specialist doctors in the medical-sanitary unit or a local clinic this health center. If necessary, paramedic or nurse working at the health center, may send the patient.
Head of the health center for the coming of the Guild doctor prepares patients under medical supervision, writes the instructions of the physician for further treatment of the patient and conducts the necessary manipulations. At the direction of the shop doctor workers health unit conduct vaccinations to all workers and employees of the shop.
The health center monitors the sanitary state of the shop, residential buildings, food items, identifies the factors that contribute to the incidence of work. At the same time the employees of the health center are based on their respective sanitary asset.
Head of the health center, according to the plan, teaches them the skills to provide self - and mutual aid with injuries program sanitary minimum.
Among sanitary activists are health posts. They supply the first aid kits, monitoring their replenishment. In the first aid kit should always have iodine tincture, individual sterile bags, bandages of different sizes, tourniquet, ammonia, Valerian drops. For the safety of the kit is responsible duty sanitary post.
On each case of injury or occupational poisoning the act, and the workers health unit see that the management and the trade Union organization of the workshop were to take effective measures to eliminate the causes of injury or disease.
Daily head of the health center informs the head of the shop on the persons who did not come to work due to illness or due to injury. A great attention to the health unit workers pay to identify the workers pustular diseases. Most often they are caused minor injuries or actions of chemicals. Combating pustular diseases is an important task of medical workers, as these conditions can lead to serious complications - abscesses and phlegmon, which can work for a long time to lose the ability to work.
Employees of the health center lecture and conduct interviews among the workers of the shop, organize sanitary exhibition, exhibition on occupational health and corners health.