Medical assistance

  • Medical care in the military field conditions
  • Medical care - care provided to the population in diseases, and to prevent diseases through the application of appropriate preventive, sanitary-hygienic and antiepidemic measures. The peculiarity of medical care in the USSR is a combination of treatment and prevention, consequently, this type of help is called the health-care. The same name and have institutions that provide medical assistance to the population. The medical and preventive health care are hospitals, polyclinics, dispensaries, consultations, maternity houses, sanatoriums, health posts and other Sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic assistance to the population has a network of sanitary-epidemiological stations.
    Medical aid to the population based on the territorial and precinct principle, according to which the territory is served by health-care establishment is divided in medical areas (see Medical area). Leading method of work of medical institutions providing medical assistance is dispensary method.
    In the system of the organization of qualified free medical care based on the principles of the Soviet health (see), there are: treatment-and-prophylactic assistance of the urban population, including medical assistance in medical unit and on the health units; medical care to rural populations; child health care; antenatal care and other
    Medical assistance to each of the above species in nature can be an outpatient (including home care) and stationary.
    Outpatient medical help is provided by the city ambulance stations (see), clinics (see), the medical-sanitary unit (see), health centers (see), the center (see), consultations (see), the rural local clinics, health posts (see) and other
    Medical assistance at home is the same institutions, with the exception of medical organizations, industrial enterprises, which, as a rule, at home with them.
    Inpatient care is provided in the General and specialized hospitals, maternity homes, hospitals, medical units, dispensaries, research medical institutes, clinics of medical universities.
    Among the organizational forms of medical care should be distinguished as first aid, ambulance and emergency medical care (see) and sanatorium-resort services (see Resorts). Emergency medical assistance should be provided to any medical and preventive institution regardless of affiliation.
    Medical care in the USSR is only people with special honey. education. Health care workers involved in practical medical activity, in cases requiring emergency assistance, is obliged to provide it.
    In some cases, persons who have no special medical education, but trained in workshops or short-term courses under a special programme with the rules of providing self - and mutual aid, may provide the first medical aid (see First aid). Cm. also a Hospital, Maternity hospital.

    Medical assistance has several organizational forms: first aid, emergency care, outpatient care, home care, in-patient and sanatorium.
    Medical care, as a rule, is carried out by medical staff only.
    The right of medical work within their specialties are in the USSR persons having the title of a doctor, dentist, medical assistant (fieldservice), midwives, and nurses.
    Lesson persons without medical education, the conduct is punishable by law (article 221 of the criminal code of the RSFSR). In some cases, individuals, but who have special medical education, but trained in workshops and short courses of self-help and mutual aid, may provide the first medical aid.
    Courses and clubs are organized by the red cross, red Crescent (see).
    From received such training members of society organize San. posts in the institutions, industrial enterprises, schools, collective and municipal offices.
    First and immediate medical aid is provided with all necessary medical and preventive institutions. The honey. the employee is engaged in practical medical activity, in cases requiring emergency medical care, is obliged to provide it.
    Outpatient medical service provides in urban primary healthcare clinics, dispensaries, female and child health clinics, rural district clinics, in the resort and dental clinics, medical assistants and feldsher-midwife stations, health centers and health parts of the industrial enterprise.
    Medical assistance at home is urban polyclinics, special clinics, women's and children's consultations, rural district outpatient clinics and hospitals and first-aid stations.
    Inpatient care is provided in hospitals of General and special type of patient departments of hospitals and research institutes, clinics honey. institutions, maternity hospitals. Inpatient care is the most qualified as M. p. It usually provide patient, out-patient treatment are ineffective.
    The main feature of organization of medical aid in the USSR is the close combination of curative and preventive started. Wide development M. p. has a positive impact on improving health and life expectancy.
    Cm. also First aid, Ambulance and emergency care.