Medical industry

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Medical industry - a set of industries that produce medicinal products and honey. equipment for population, health authorities and veterinary medicine.
Medical industry, as part of the material base of the Soviet health, in its development reflects its tasks. The nomenclature and volume of production of medical industry are determined by the structure of morbidity of the population, and requests medical and scientific honey. institutions.
Necessary conditions for the development of modern medical industry are technical progress the most important branches of national economy, the availability of powerful branched scientific-technical and experimental base.
To the medical industry include the following industry.
1. Chemical-pharmaceutical industry, which includes enterprises producing synthetic drugs, honey. preparations from medicinal plants, antibiotics, vitamins, organic preparations, bacterial and viral drugs, different dosage of the medicinal product, including solutions for injections in ampoules, tablets, pills, sprays, ointments, emulsions and other
2. Medical-instrumental industry, izgotovlyayuschei honey. tools, devices, machines and equipment.
3. Production of honey. glass and plastics, products of which are intended for storage and transportation of drugs, as well as for completing devices, apparatus and other honey products. equipment, including bottles, banks, pipes, pistons for syringes, products for systems of blood transfusion and other
4. Agricultural production is engaged in the cultivation, collection and processing of medicinal plants.
The management of the medical industry is carried out by the Ministry of medical industry of the USSR.
Created during the years of Soviet power the medical industry has reached a high level of development and currently meets the needs of the population and the health authorities in basic medicines and honey products. technology.
Implementation of resolution of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers from 14/1 1960 "on measures for further improvement of medical care and health protection of the population of the USSR" has allowed to expand considerably the industrial and technical opportunities of the medical industry.
For 1959-1965 total issue volume of medicines and products of honey. equipment increased significantly.
The medical industry developed new drugs and medicines for treatment of cardiovascular diseases (Anacin, dimebolin, DIPROPYLENE, dithranol, hloratsizin and others), malignant neoplasms (benzotef, sarkolizin, Copan, cyclophosphamide, tiofosfamid, hlorbutin, timidin and others), neuropsychiatric disorders (iprase, meprobamate, chlorpromazine, propazin, benzonal, beclamide and others). Mastered production of new antibiotics (griseofulvin, erythromycin, polymyxin, monomitsin, nystatin, colimycin and others), vitamins (folic acid, calcium Pantothenate, B1; B2, B12, B15 , and others), various anti-TB drugs, blood substitutes, endocrine preparations, enzymes , etc. a Total of about 200 items.
Company medical-tool industry has developed various products of medical equipment, including electronic devices and devices for diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, equipment for gas narcosis, artificial respiration, artificial circulation, regional perfusion, apparatus for blood purification from toxic substances in the various forms of acute and chronic renal failure, new tools for cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and other
The volume of production of the medical industry in 1970, has grown in comparison with 1965 1.8 times, including the production of antibiotics - 2.2 times, vitamins - more than 2 times, products of honey. technology - 1.65 times, production of honey. glass and plastics - 1.72 times. During this period, the medical industry has mastered more than 200 new drugs, and more than 550 articles honey. technology.
During the years of the eighth five-year plan (1966 - 1970) built new factories established production capacity, renovated and expanded existing industrial enterprises, organized production of new effective drugs, including for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, - delcarmen, cocarboxylase, Gempotin; cancer of funds - teodorina, azalina, prospidin olivomycin, have been; antibiotics - oleandomitsina, novomicin, the ristomycin; semi-synthetic antibiotics - methicillin, oxacillin, ampicillin; multivitamin preparations - undelete, dekamevita; more than 40 products from glass and plastics, new dental and denture materials.
Rapidly in the USSR develops medical-cutting tool industry. Production of honey products. technology for the last 25 years has increased more than 30 times.
The production of honey. technology developed in the most important areas of medicine: surgical instruments, endoscopic instruments, anesthetic apparatuses, electronic honey. instruments and devices, ophthalmic devices and optics, instruments and equipment and various products for the honey. laboratories, equipment, operating and means of mechanization, equipment, dental surgery and others
Despite high rates of development of the medical industry, still not satisfied with the growing demands of the health authorities and population on a number of items of medical products and products of honey. technology (corticosteroids, radiopaque substance, syringes, honey. optics, electro-medical apparatus and others).
The tasks of further development of the medical industry are formulated in the Guidelines XXIV Congress of the CPSU in the ninth five-year plan for the development of the national economy in 1971 -1975, the Directives provide for the increase of the output of the medical industry in 1,6 times, bringing the production of medicines in the required range in size to ensure the complete satisfaction of the population, expansion of production of medical equipment and technical means for prevention, diagnostics of diseases, treatment of patients and care for them.
Of particular importance will acquire currently under development tools machine diagnostics, the Express-analyzers physiological and biochemical indicators that will allow the doctor to quickly obtain information about the life of the organism. Will be further developed ultrasonic equipment for diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical purposes. For the diagnosis and surgery of the wider will be used optical quantum generator (laser); for different sections of honey. technics, creation of medicines will apply new achievements in chemistry of polymers.