Medical and sanitary battalion (field hospital)

Medical and sanitary battalion (field hospital) - separate part of the medical services division.
In wartime tasks there are: the evacuation of the affected patients and regimental medical stations or from areas of mass sanitary losses; rendering of the first medical and skilled medical care, treatment lehtoranta and legkobetonnyh with the terms of cure up to 5-10 days: temporary admission and treatment nontransportable affected; preparation of the wounded and sick for evacuation in the hospital base, sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures in the army and in the band in action division; activities on force protection and elimination of consequences of the use by the enemy of weapons of mass destruction; procurement of military units and honey. units honey. property; preparation of honey. composition specialty.
In addition, forces and means of medical battalion used to boost honey. service of military units of the division.
To resolve these tasks as part of the medical battalion have units. Medical company medical battalion deploys medical center and carries out medical work; sanitary-antiepidemic platoon conducts sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures in the division, and in particular of the sanitary-epidemiological intelligence; Department honey. supply provides medical goods; emergency transport Department evacuated victims from the health centres and units in the medical battalion.
Medical company, having in its composition of surgeons, therapists, anesthesiologists, dentist, qualified middle and Junior medical staff, as well as other honey. units deploy the medical battalion as a stage medical evacuation. It is located near the ways of transportation and evacuation at the site OK. 300X400 m in shelters, shelters or tents, about 15-25 km from the leading edge to the affected and patients arrive there in the first 6-8 hour. from the moment of defeat.

Deployment option health battalion (in relation to the experience of the great Patriotic war 1941-1945).

The medical battalion deploys branch: special treatment, receiving and sorting and recovery, operationally-aid and resuscitation, the hospital and the subdivisions of service (Fig.).
As a result, the honey. sorting received divided into the following groups: 1) dangerous to others (infected RV or S), subject to sanitary treatment or isolation; 2) the victims, qualified medical assistance which must be rendered in a surgical dressing, antishock or hospital departments; 3) the affected and patients who qualified medical assistance may be postponed until its income on subsequent stages of medical evacuation; 4) to be treated in the team convalescent hospital departments; 5) affected and patients due after receipt of medical assistance to return to their units; 6) the affected and patients in need of care and reduce their suffering (moribund).
While all submitted amazed and patients, in dangerous to others, as well as past sanitation, divided into three streams-wounded (stretcher), lehtoranta (walking), sick.
Qualified medical assistance in the medical battalion consists of three groups of measures: 1) emergency stop bleeding, excretion from the shock elimination of asphyxia, chrevosechenie damage of abdominal cavity organs, antidote therapy, sanitarna processing and other); 2) measures, which may be deferred only when absolutely necessary (primary amputation, the imposition of a suprapubic fistula, primary surgical treatment of wounds, infected, and extensive burns and others); 3) activities that can be deferred (primary surgical wound treatment, limited burns and others). When full assistance activities of all groups, if the volume decreases initially excluded activities of the third group; in massive influx of victims directly from the hearth of mass destruction volume can be reduced to the provision of first medical aid.
For many business trips there and occurrence of the centers of mass of the sanitary losses timely and continuous provision of skilled medical care, hospitalization temporarily nontransportable and other medical evacuation activities are provided by medsanbat or individual honey. units (OMO).
In peacetime the medical battalion provides treatment and preventive maintenance of the personnel division, including inpatient therapeutic and surgical patients, leading Advisory work and military-medical expertise, organizes control for food, water, conditions of military life and labor, a physical condition of the personnel and so on