The role of nurses in patient care

Nurse conducts duodenal intubation (diagnostic and therapeutic), prepares the patient for x-ray, biochemical research methods, as well as to gastroscopy, rectoromanoscopy.
When performing medical prescriptions nurse is obliged to ensure that the patient received medication in doses, in a certain period and in her presence. To distribute medicines best in a beautiful package on special trays. Should strictly observe the rules of storage of poisonous drugs. Before you dial injection into a syringe, a must-read medicine name (not recommended immediately throw empty ampoules). When parenteral introduction of medicines, including antibiotics, it is necessary to strictly comply with the rules upgrades (see).
In addition to drug therapy, used by banks (see), compresses (see), mustard (see), poultices (see), leeches (see), heating pad (see), bubbles with ice.
Rubber pad checked for leaks and wrap a towel to avoid burns. Very hot-water bottle is first put on the blanket, then as the cooling - under the covers and on the patient's body.
An ice pack (rubber bag with a wide closing hole) to half fill the small pieces of ice, tightly screw up the tube, wipe dry and avoid hypothermia put on a folded towel (or suspend); an ice pack as a heating pad, keep intermittently.
The role of nurses in patient care has particularly increased with an organization in hospital intensive monitoring, designed for patients in the acute stage of the disease, with a possible change in an emergency. Sister station close to these houses or directly at them. Medical staff clearly at certain hours or as needed to measure blood pressure, respiratory rate and pulse rate monitors the health and behavior of patients, performs a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. These chambers are often equipped with sophisticated medical equipment for urgent care. Configure, connect, and functional purpose vehicles should be well understood by the medical staff of these chambers. Medicines and medical tools necessary to provide urgent aid must always be prepared and stored in the vicinity of the patient. Nurses must possess the equipment and techniques oxygenotherapy, by vein puncture, setting droppers and some of the intensive activities - indirect heart massage and artificial respiration (see Artificial respiration, the Recovery of the organism).
Critical care and patients with common malignant process has its own characteristics. Usually such patients tactfully without damaging their psyche, isolated from others; all explanations and conversations with the patient about his illness must be strictly coordinated between all the medical staff; the need to conceal the true diagnosis and always maintain faith in the possibility of recovery. Often the only treatment of these patients are symptomatic and painkillers; good care facilitates their suffering and often leads to long-term remission of a disease. From a nurse takes a lot of time, and in relation to the relatives of the patient: do not apply unreasonable hope for a good outcome, but members must ensure that takes all measures to save life of a patient.
C for the prevention of mucous membranes, skin, prevent bedsores daily inspection of the skin, grease it with camphor spirit, pripudrivayut appeared redness, make a light massage, regular hygienic bath, sometimes use physiotherapeutic treatment. Of great importance in the prevention of pressure ulcers has a neat content of the bed, the change of position of a body up to 10 times a day, frequent change of linen, the use of rubber circle and hygienic gymnastics (see Treatment of pressure sores). When the delay urination and defecation resort to catheterization of the bladder (see Catheterization) and enemas (see).