Medical sister

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The role of the precinct nurses at the polyclinic is particularly significant. It is the direct assistant of the local doctor-therapist in all its medical and sanitary-preventive work among the population of the area. The ward nurse prepares the Cabinet to the medical reception, ensures the timely delivery of the registry of the records written to the reception of patients; for from the laboratory, x-ray and other offices analysis and opinions; where necessary, measures the temperature of patients.
Sister helps the doctor while receiving fills and issue another card at the reception, directions for analysis and research in various offices, etc.
On the plot nurse visiting patients at home, performs prescribed treatments (injections, bandaging, puts enemas, mustard, banks, leeches , and other)is taken on clinical examination of patients on a regular doctor.
The role of a public health nurse in the sanitary-preventive work. Together with the local physician sister gets acquainted with the sanitary condition of the site, morbidity of the population takes an active part in public Affairs, in the organization of lectures and conversations doctor to population, in preparing and conducting classes with sanitary asset.
Visiting patients at home, the ward sister gets acquainted with the sanitary condition of the house, apartment patient spends with the patient and the surrounding persons discussions on health topics, gives advice on nursing, hygiene maintenance of the home, personal hygiene, explains the importance of observance of patients prescribed by the doctor mode.
The ward nurse conducts in necessary cases at the site of anti-epidemic measures to prevent and eliminate epidemic foci: vaccinations, thermometry of persons who were in contact with the case, and other Nurse helps the doctor in the conduct of sanitary-educational work on the prevention of infectious diseases. The village nurse sometimes plays the role of assistant epidemiologist and conducting anti-epidemic work.
In TB, STI, psycho-neurological dispensaries, as well as maternal and child health consultations are visiting nurses (see Consultation, Patronage).