Medical sister

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In nurseries, kindergartens operate nursery sisters, or nurse children's institutions (see kindergarten; Nursery, kindergarten).
Sister should visit the family of a child placed in a nursery (kindergarten), to prevent infectious diseases among the members of the child's family and among living with it in one apartment. Every morning when receiving children in nursery (kindergarten) sister carefully examining the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, the skin of the child, measures the temperature. Polls mother that there are no infectious diseases in the family, apartment. Suspected infectious disease of the child immediately sent home or isolated until the doctor comes.
The duties of nursery nurses or nurses kindergarten include direct care for children, toilet, enforcement of the correct mode of children for each age group. Nursery sister feeds younger children and watching the senior nutrition, puts them to sleep, playing, walking with them, conducts daily monitoring of children who weigh them, measures the growth, by a doctor conducts tagirovna, vaccination against smallpox, diphtheria, measles and others During a visit to a day nursery (kindergarten) doctor sister reports on the condition of children. All data on the health status of the child (weight, physical, mental development, nutrition, held vaccinations, treatments) are recorded in the history of the development of the child.
Together with your doctor and cook sister is menu for children of different age groups, checks the quality of products, defines dietary energy consumption, watching sanitary nursery school, kindergarten. Nurse nursery or kindergarten ensures that physical education of children consistent with their age and mode for each age group. The duties sisters include gymnastics, holding tempering procedure.
Specialization nurse - training of deesaster, operating nurses, and so on - are conducted at courses of improvement and specialization, organized on the basis of the regional, regional, and in some cases and Central district hospitals, with a duration of 2-4 months.
Nurses need every day to improve their qualifications, master related specialties, new therapeutic and diagnostic methods. Great help nurses in providing Council of nurses (see), and journals "nurse", "Feldsher and midwife" (SEE).
In connection with growth of number of medical institutions number of nurses in the USSR has been steadily increasing. In 1940 there were 227,7 thousand nurses, in 1960 - 623,5 thousand, in 1965 - 784,9 thousand, in 1968 - 944,4 thousand, in 1970 - 1 million to 33.8 thousand