Medical sister

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Nurse (nurse) is a person with secondary medical education. Nurse performs the functions of the assistant physician in medical institutions in treatment and care, children in institutions. The nurse is also an assistant doctor at the sanitary-preventive work.
Nurses working in different medical institutions (hospitals, polyclinics, dispensaries, health centers, health centers and others), as well as nurseries, kindergartens.
Training of nurses is carried out on the special departments of medical schools, where they train nurses, General practitioners, and nurses for children's institutions (see Medical education, secondary).
Specialization and responsibilities of nurses depend on the nature and objectives of treatment-and-prophylactic institutions. For nursing staff at the hospital are: main sister, older sister (one per Department), sister-hostess, ward sister, operating sister, datcentre, Junior nurses.
Chief nurse, appointed from among the most experienced nurses with the skills of organizational work, is the direct assistant of the chief doctor (and his Deputy for the medical part) on the issues of administrative procedure, labour organization, medium and Junior medical staff and monitoring their work.
The head nurse monitors the health condition and agriculture Department, is responsible for his health, linen and household equipment. It subordinated the whole middle and Junior staff of the Department, it distributes duties between them, make the schedule, monitors labour discipline, teaches personnel to care for the sick, separate manipulation, if necessary, performs the most responsible prescription.
The head nurse is rationed sheets on the nutrition of patients, fills the requirements for medicines, keeps track of the movement of patients, nosocomial diseases and other data that characterize the work of the Department. In addition, the senior nurse monitors the implementation of plans of improvement of qualification of middle and Junior staff in the Department, holds conferences sisters and organizes practical courses with them.
Senior nurses to prescribe the most experienced nurses who have experience of not less than 3 years.
In the hospital, with more than 50 beds, to help older sister stands out sister-hostess, bearing direct responsibility for the condition and storage of clothes, as well as tools and equipment division. It monitors the delivery of linen in the Laundry and getting clean underwear, bathing patients and change of linen, watching sanitary state dining room at the distribution of food, the younger medical staff.
A special place in the treatment of patients in hospital and care for it belongs to a ward nurse. It performs all the medical, hygienic and other medical purposes - distributes medicines, puts compresses, banks, enemas, mustard, produces injection; takes in patients material for laboratory tests (urine, faeces, sputum), monitors compliance prescribed to the patient regime, medicines and other
During his duty sister should monitor the status and health of patients (temperature measurement, monitoring heart rate, breathing, and others), to report to the doctor about seen it changes in their health status. In necessary cases ward nurse provides emergency medical assistance (with vomiting, fainting, bleeding, and others), causes of the doctor and inform it of the action taken. It prepares the patient for the examination, accompanied by the doctor during the visit of patients and helps him when examining a patient.
Of great importance for successful treatment is carried out sister care for patients. Special attention is paid to care for the weak and severely ill patients, their feeding, washing, change of linen, the prevention of bedsores. With the help of nurses sister washes, peredavat, feeding the patients, monitors their hygienic content (haircut, swimming, and so on). Very large role sisters in the conduct of the hospital treatment enforcement regime; to ensure the established order and silence in the chambers, control over diet and compliance of patients prescribed diet.