Medical supplies

Medical supply - system of measures, providing planned supply of health care, medical research, sanitary-and-epidemiologic institutions, medical schools medicines, different tools, devices and equipment, bandages, sanitation, hygiene and care for the sick, healing mineral waters.
Medical supplies in the health system of the USSR centralized. The organization and implementation of the supply of medicines is engaged Importantly pharmacy management, and medical appliances and instruments - all-Union Association "Souzpatent". These organizations identify the need health care institutions in the medical products by obtaining bids from health ministries of the Union republics; place orders for manufacturing of these products; receive funds for all medical products from the Ministry of medical industry of the USSR and other agencies producing these products; organize supplying of all health institutions through the main pharmacy governance and management of Medical equipment" of the ministries of health of the Union republics.
According to the orders of these departments supplier plants making medicines, dressing materials, objects of sanitation and hygiene, and care and other products, send their products to the Republican base, regional, Central pharmaceutical warehouses and factories-suppliers, making medical devices, apparatus and instruments into their shops and warehouses "Medical equipment".
Medical supply of health care institutions and honey. research institutes in Union republics is the Republican base, the Central pharmacy, pharmacies and shops of opticopapillary. The provision of medicines, patient-care items, dressings, vitamins, herbs and other medical products is made in the retail trade of opticopapillary pharmacies pharmacies - independent and hospitals, shops sanitation and hygiene and other specialized honey. the shops.
When midwifery paragraph in the villages where there are no pharmacies, organized pharmacy. Manages them head obstetric units.

Medical supply - system of measures, aimed planned provision of treatment-and-prophylactic, scientific research and health care institutions, medical schools and laboratories, medical devices, intended for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, and also for scientific research.
Medical products include medicines and various chemical products, medical instruments, devices, devices and equipment, dressing materials, objects of sanitation, hygiene and care, mineral water and others In the category of medications include: synthetic drugs, antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, serum, vaccines, medicinal plants. In a separate preparations of certain listed components can be combined (a combination of the medicinal product).
The main suppliers of medical products are specialized enterprises of medical industry (see), which are the responsibility of the Ministry of health of the USSR. Organization of medical supplies to the health facilities and the provision of medicines, bandages, sanitation, hygiene and care is carried out by the Main Department of sales of medical devices of the Ministry of health of the USSR (Gammelsbach)that this work is done both directly and through their marketing and supply offices and bases, as well as through Major pharmaceutical control of the ministries of health of the Union republics.
Organization and implementation of the current (for the planned year) and long-term medical supply consists in determination of the total demand for medical products for all items and setting the suppliers of those products; the development of standards permanent and closing stocks in the nomenclature and in monetary terms; orders are placed at the industrial enterprises; funds of commercial products derived from industrial enterprises, distributed between users.
The total demand for drugs, dressing materials, objects of sanitation and hygiene, etc. is determined by obtaining various consumers (ministries, agencies and public health authorities) deployed applications across the product range; of particular importance are the recommendations of the Pharmacological Committee and branch scientific-research institutes on the volume of production of new medicines and the likely need for them taking into account the possible replacement of existing drugs with new ones. Based on the analysis and consolidation of applications received for the planned year, and taking into account the need to create permanent and closing stocks, summary application, which is transmitted in industrial management for placement of orders for the enterprises of medical industry. In the same way apply for a medical product, the production and distribution which are planned by other ministries and departments. After approval of the plan of production and allocation of funds shall be their distribution in accordance with the requests of the consumers. If the domestic production of some drugs and other products does not meet identified their needs or they are not made, the purchases are made through foreign trade company in accordance with the plan of export-import deliveries.
Realization of medical products within the system of health of the USSR is made by Glavmedia and the all-Union firm of Southeasterners, which allocate funds medical products Mainly pharmacy departments of ministries of health of the Union republics directly from factories-suppliers. Medical supply medical institutions and research institutes in Union republics is the Republican base, the Central pharmacy (CACO) and pharmacies, by single requirements and payments for the supplied medical products are manufactured according to the price list of retail prices of the Ministry of health of the USSR. Medicines, patient-care items, dressing materials, vitamins, herbs and other medical goods are sold to the population in pharmacies, pharmacy items in shops sanitation and hygiene (retail trading network of opticopapillary).

At the ministries of health of the USSR, Union and Autonomous republics and oblast health departments organized specialized Association (respectively - key management, control and offices) of medical equipment. The main tasks of the Union of associations of Medical equipment, main departments of the medical equipment Union ministries, departments and offices are: organization of assembling, technical service and repair of medical equipment; the provision of methodological and technical assistance to health care institutions in the development and utilization of medical equipment; provision of healthcare institutions with medical equipment and repair facilities - replaceable components, assemblies and spare parts. These organizations are designed to help the industry to improve the equipment and the equipment, the time to withdraw from production outdated or not justified itself in practice samples. To identify common needs in medical technology, the Ministry of health of the USSR approved the table of equipment of medical institutions.
Health institutions and other organizations receive medical apparatus and instruments from warehouses and shops temporary requirements, with payment of their value at wholesale prices with a margin trade organization. Complex medical equipment and devices at the customer's sold directly by the manufacturer with the subsequent installation and start it on the field. Main Department of sales of medical products and the Association of Medical equipment with the purpose of information and advertising publish catalogs, brochures and organize specialized exhibitions.
Medical supplies to the Armed Forces is carried out under the direction of the Main Military medical Directorate of the Soviet Army through the appropriate military medical institutions.