Damage inflicted gunshot shells

The mechanisms of formation damage inflicted gunshot shells, are very diverse and depend largely on the kinetic energy of the wound of a projectile, separate grains). Bullet speed flight above 230 m/s has a penetration, i.e. knocks in a hazard area, a slightly lower its diameter. Damage service caused by a bullet, are called "bullet holes"and damage the body - "a gunshot wound". When flight speed of less than 150 m/with a bullet acts wedge-shaped, forming, as a rule, the blind wounded.
Bullet with minimal kinetic energy ("at the end", the weak charge, after the ricochet and others), can cause only a contusion action.

the formation of the wound channel
Fig. 59. The formation of the wound channel. 1 - leather; 2 - a soft cloth; 3 - zone of molecular concussion; 4 - the wound channel; 5 - oscillatory motion wall wound channel, 6 - bullet; 7 - scheme of decomposition forces and the formation of the shock of the head wave; 8 - drums head wave.

At the moment of impact of a bullet in the partition (in the soft tissues of the body) occurs shock headache wave that rushes towards the bullet with the speed of sound propagation in the environment of about 2000 m/s far exceeding the speed of a bullet. Thus, in the direction of the bullet and significantly ahead of her in the soft tissues of experiencing the effects of a shock-shock protection. Creates a zone that can be designated as "the area of molecular concussion" (Fig. 59). Fabrics, subjected to molecular shake" when non-fatal gunshot injuries, nekrotizirutee and therefore gunshot wound heals always secondary tension.
In the zone bordering wound channel, drums head wave can cause considerable damage. It is established that at the speed of a bullet, about 1,000 m/s deadly always wounds in the head or chest without damaging large vessels or vital organs of the bullet. With the passage of the bullet through the soft tissue close to bone her fracture occurs. After the passage of the bullet wound occurs channel, the walls of which are also experiencing the vibrational motion.
Fire damage consists of entrance wounds, wound channel and exit wounds (Fig. 60).
education input and output gunshot wounds
Fig. 60. Education the input and output of gunshot wounds:
and - input wound; b - exit wound; 1 - leather; 2 - a soft cloth; 3 - the bullet.