Mechanotherapy is the use of physical exercises in the medical purposes with the help of special devices and appliances.
Application mechanotherapy is quicker to recover motor function. Limited local impact mechanotherapy is in addition to the therapeutic gymnastics.
Mechanotherapeutic vehicles (construction Zehnder, Kruckenberg, Hertz, Caro, Stepanova and others) operate on the principle of the block or of the pendulum. For example, devices Zehnder built on the principle duplicator arm with resistance, the value of which you can change the length of the lever. With the help of these devices exercising certain muscle groups. Devices of Kruckenberg, Caro, Stepanova work on the principle of balancing pendulum, carrying out swinging motion in the joints (created rhythmic movements and controlled resistance).
For the exercises on mechanotherapeutic devices, you must observe the following rules: the axis of the apparatus must coincide with the horizontal axis of the pendulum, the finiteness on the device must be in position for maximum relaxation of muscles.
Indications: residual effects after traumas and diseases of musculoskeletal system, manifested by the stiffness of the joints, contractures, Robovie-binding soft tissues; paresis, paralysis, metabolic disorders (obesity).
Contraindications and purulent inflammatory processes in tissues, reflex contraction, sharp restriction of joint motion (volume less than 15 degrees), the sharp weakening of muscle strength, the impossibility of overcoming weight pranauskas segment limbs, significant deformation of the joints, insufficient consolidation of callus fractures, the presence of synergy (accompanying movements), pain, and increased body temperature.

Mechanotherapy - application for medicinal purposes dosed exercises, performed in special vehicles or using special instruments.
Methodically repeated rhythmic movements performed in patients on mechanotherapeutic machines, accelerate the process of restoration of impaired motor function. The patient himself can produce prescribed exercises on a special device without the participation of medical personnel, only under its control. However mechanotherapeutic unit cannot reproduce the variety of movements, which the patient carries out arbitrarily or under the supervision of a practitioner. Traffic running on the machines and devices, usually normalized; the form and direction of their very close determined anatomic features of a particular joint. In addition, the exercises on the unit are executed at a given speed and the specified loading. All devoid of these shortcomings, therapeutic exercises, the application of which allows at any time to reconstruct the complex of physical exercises and more accurate metering of them changing the amplitude, rhythm, tempo and the number of movements. Therefore, mechanotherapy plays a supporting role in therapeutic physical training (see).
The system devices Zehnder built on the principle duplicera arm; they were constructed devices for the active-passive and passive movements, massage and various treatments of spinal curvature. The machines are driven by a motor or by hand. Units of Hertz system based on the principle eccentric, which is inserted between the working lever and load. Applied also AIDS Kruckenberg, Caro, Stepanova and others, based on the principle of balancing of the pendulum.
Methodical instructions. When you exercise on mechanotherapeutic devices must be observed: 1) correct installation limbs on the device (the axis of motion of the device must coincide with the axis of the joint is exposed to the exercise); 2) the right starting position of free segments limbs (compliance physiological provisions); 3) right fixation segment operating limbs (exception related movements); 4) the correct dose (gradually increasing the load by increasing the amplitude of movements in joints, increase muscle strength).
Testimony: the impact of diseases and injuries of the organs of movement (stiffness in the joints, muscle contracture scar seam of soft tissue and so on), paresis, electoral paralysis, obesity. Contraindications: the presence of reactive phenomena in tissues; reflex contraction; purulent processes in tissues; significant joint stiffness (the amplitude of movements of less than 15 degrees); sharp decline in muscle strength; significant deformation of the joints; insufficient consolidation of callus fractures; the existence of synergies (accompanying movements).