Meineke reaction

Meineke reaction (that is, meinicke on - diagnostics reaction for serodiagnosis of syphilis, based on the phenomenon of flocculation. M. R. applied in the study on syphilis cerebrospinal fluid and serum.
Of the six reactions the first two ("water" and "salt") has not received practical application. For the third reaction (Dritte meinicke on Reaktion, D. M. R.) apply antigen in the form of alcoholic extract from the heart of the horse. When mixed antigen in serum of patients with syphilis there are flocks, with the sera of healthy - opalescence. Match RW received in 84-95% of cases. For the reaction "turbidity" (meinicke on Triibungsreaktion, M. I. R.) alcohol extract from the heart of the horse reinforce the addition Taliansko balm and benzoic acid; antigen bred a 3% solution of NaCl. A mixture of antigen in serum of healthy person transparent, with serum of a patient with syphilis - muddy. M. I. R. gives 73-97% matches RW; nonspecific reactions - from 0 up to 2.5%. For the reaction of "enlightenment" (meinicke on Klarungsreaktion M. K. R.) antigen is alcohol extract of bovine hearts with the addition Taliansko balm. A mixture of antigen in serum of healthy persons non-transparent, milky color; when mixed antigen in serum of a patient with syphilis is the full enlightenment with the falling flakes. The second reaction "enlightenment" (M. K. R.-II) gives a more demonstrative results as fresh bovine heart muscle preliminary clear 96 grades alcohol. M. K. R.-II is widely used in honey. practice. The coincidence with RW - in 91-100% of cases; nonspecific reactions - from 0 to 3%.
For mikroreaktsii Maniche (meinicke on Mikroreaktion, M. M. R.) can be applied antigen recommended for M.T.R. and M. K. R. negative reaction - points of light; with strongly positive large flakes. Cm. also Serologic testing, Syphilis (diagnosis).