Meningitis caused by torolni

The disease is caused by a yeast fungus (Torula histolytica) - refers to a group saharomiceta, or yeast. Found in foods, plants and animals. Yeast fungi can penetrate the respiratory tract and the gut through the damaged skin. As saprophytes meet a person on the skin, in the nose and throat and intestines. The most common form Tiulenovo lesions of the nervous system is meningitis, which is explained by the fact that the cerebrospinal fluid is a good nutrient medium for fungi, as it contains sugar. The process teruleten M has sero-productive with point hemorrhages in the shells. The accumulation of yeast cells are shells and the substance of the brain, mostly around blood vessels in the brain ventricles. Torbletry M has the character of cerebrospinal process, but the most frequent and severe is the basal localization with the involvement of a number of cranial nerves.
Development of meningitis often precede lung diseases, ear, nose, throat, lymph nodes, skin. Torbletry M may develop as a primary disease. The development of meningitis acute or subacute. Long subfebrile temperature increase of up to 37.5-38,0° with periodic cuts and re-raises. Acutely revealed meningeal symptoms: headache, vomiting, stiff neck, muscle tension back, a symptom of Cernica and other Meningeal symptoms are often combined with entsefalicheskogo - seizures, mental changes, paresis, ataxia, and other Spinal fluid is cloudy, xanthochromia or colorless and transparent. The pressure is increased, often significantly. The protein content increased to 1 to 1.5%, with Placitas, mainly lymphocytic varies within wide limits-from several tens and hundreds of cells to 1000 and more. The content of sugar is normal or reduced, sometimes significantly. Torbletry meningitis has prolonged for many months with periodic stabilization and further declines with increase in symptoms of the nervous system. The prognosis for teruleten M bad, disease ends lethally. Differential diagnosis with M. tuberculosis is very difficult. Crucial detected in the cerebrospinal fluid yeasts (in the hanging drop at colouring by Zn Nelsen) or their growing at sowing. Specific treatment is not. Recommended sulfadimezin, iodine preparations. You can apply acticin (fermentation) and antifungal agents, nystatin, dekamina and other
To prevent torlesenek lesions of the nervous system are set taking antifungal drugs with antibiotic treatment and sanitary-hygienic measures.