Maasin (Mepazinum; synonym Раcatal; list B) neuroleptic drug. For sedative effect maasin inferior to chlorpromazine (see). Provides antipsihoticescoe, protivorvotnoe, protivosudorozhnoe effect. Apply with psychosis and neurosis. Assign inside, intramuscularly or intravenously for 0,025-0,1 g 1-3 times a day. Application mipagina can cause dry mouth, constipation. Dosage form: tablets or pills to 0,025 g and ampoules to 1 and 2 ml of 2.5% solution.
Cm. also Neuroleptic drugs.

Maasin (Mepazinum; SYN.: Lacumin, Pacatal; list B) - neurologically means; acetate 10-[3-(-methyl-piperidyl)-methyl]-fenotiazina. Maasin sedative
the effect, after the chlorpromazine (see) and propazine (see); reinforces the effect of sleeping pills and painkillers; has hypotensive, antispasmodic, holinoliticescoe and anti-histamine properties. Less toxic than chlorpromazine, and does not cause subsequent depression. Used in surgery for augmentation anesthesia, in psychiatry, internal medicine and dermatology - as a sedative. Single dose for adults, 0.05-0.1 g daily - 0.25 g, treatment course. Method of production: bean but 0.05 g and ampoules to 1 and 2 ml of 2.5% solution. Cm. also Neurologiske funds.