Health protection of the air

The air has the ability to cleanse itself. First of all there is a mixture of aerosols and gases with air and dilution of them, and then the deposition of aerosols. Large particles are deposited due to gravity, and small gradually enlarges, become heavier and also fall to the ground.
Self-purification of the air contribute to the winds and precipitation, which carries particles down and dissolved gases.
In our country, sanitary atmospheric air protection provided for by law and is an important hygienic problem. In the Program of the CPSU stresses the need for a system of measures for further improvement of living conditions in cities and other settlements, including their green areas, flooding, pollution of air, soil, water.
For the purposes of sanitary protection cities spend planning and technical activities, cleaning of flue gases from ash and sulfur, lead the fight against air pollution by motor transport, carry out sanitary supervision and control over the purity of the atmospheric air. To the planning activities, including the prohibition of construction of enterprises, polluting the air and on the residential territory. Such enterprises are placed on the outskirts of settlements taking into account the wind direction on the ground. Between the industrial enterprises and residential blocks set of sanitary protection zone (breaks) for the prevention of pollution of residential areas and the production of harm. The width of the sanitary protection zone depends on the nature of industrial hazards.
These measures include gardening of settlements.
Engineering measures aimed at reducing emissions and lowering the concentration of harmful substances in the air by replacing Smokey smokeless fuel, sealing equipment, development of technologies, eliminating or reducing the amount of emissions into the atmosphere.
Methods for cleaning the flue gas prior to emission to the atmosphere (Zolotavina, desulphurization) also are important measures for sanitary protection of the atmospheric air.
Important event of the sanitary protection of the atmospheric air is helpful and current sanitary inspection, laboratory monitoring of air purity. Preventive sanitary supervision is to make conclusions to the projects of the newly built industrial enterprises, taking into account the nature of the emissions and the degree of their harmfulness for the population, as well as the designed capacity of the treatment facilities and the adequacy of sanitary protection zones.
The task of the current sanitary inspection is to supervise the work of treatment facilities. To this end there is a systematic and laboratory control over the content of toxic substances in the atmospheric air in the immediate vicinity of the plant and at different distances from it. Laboratory results are compared with the approved maximum permissible concentrations of toxic substances in the atmospheric air.
Maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances in the air is such concentrations that do not cause diseases or abnormalities in health status, find modern research methods in the next or long-term.