Personal protection measures and personal hygiene when working with radioactive substances

Individual protection means when working with radioactive substances intended for protection against ingress of them in the respiratory organs, digestion, skin running. They are divided into two groups: main and optional. The main means of individual protection are those that are applied systematically (coats, overalls, Slippers, boots, gloves, dust masks, and others). The remedies used sporadically, depending on the nature of the work called for more (insulating suits, helmets, covers shoes and others).
Decontamination means of individual protection, contaminated with radioactive substances should be held only in special laundries.
In case of contamination with radioactive substances of hands and body must immediately wash with soap and water. In the absence of effective use special detergents. In a particularly dangerous laboratories must be a sanitary point.
In laboratories where the work with radioactive substances forbidden to stay employees without means of individual protection, storage of foods and things not related to work, eating, Smoking and other
Work associated with the use of sealed radioactive sources shall be conducted with the use of protective devices.
Laying sick in the offices of telehomecare, the focus of the beam is a nurse together with your doctor in the shortest possible time.
When the source is in the working position, to enter treatment are prohibited. The observation of patients is carried out with the help of a television or other device is safe devices.
Nurse per shift can serve only one device and enabling sources should stand in the workplace at the controls.
In the system of measures on protection of health of persons working with sources of ionizing radiation, provided systematic dosimetric and radiometric monitoring to measure individual doses and definition of pollution radium-active substances of equipment, furniture, clothing, and other Data monitoring should be recorded in the log.
Radioactive waste is collected in special containers and taken in the places intended for their neutralization.