Mezaton (Mesatonum; list B) - adrenomimeticescoe tool. On character of action close to norepinephrine (see), giving the latter activity, and surpassing in duration. Used to increase blood pressure in the collapse and shock. Designate subcutaneously, or in the muscle 0.3-1 ml of 1% solution in Vienna (enter slowly) - 0,1-0,3 ml of 1% solution. Inside appoint to 0.01-0.025 g Locally (with vasomotor rhinitis and conjunctivitis) using 0.25 - 0.5% solutions. Higher doses: inside a single - 0.03 g daily 0.15 g; under the skin and intramuscularly off - 0.01 g daily, 0.05 g, in the vein of single - 0,005 grams - daily - 0,025 g Mezaton contraindicated in hypertension, atherosclerosis, the propensity to cramps. Method of production mezatona: powder, pills to 0.01g and ampoules to 1 ml 1% solution.
Cm. also Adrenomimeticescoe funds.

Mezaton (Mesatonum; synonym: Adrianol, Neo-Synephrine, Phenylephrine, m-Sympatol; list B) - adrenomimeticescoe resort; hydrochloride 1-(3 oksifenil)-2-methyliminodiethanol. On the nature of close to adrenaline (see), giving him strength and superior duration of action. Mezaton narrow peripheral vessels, raises blood pressure, increases the bronchi and the pupil, inhibits intestinal peristalsis. Used to increase blood pressure in shock, collapse, the blood, in preparation for the surgery, spinal
anesthesia, vasomotor and hay fever, conjunctivitis, as a substitute of adrenaline in solutions anesthetics. Appointed under the skin or muscle of 0.3-1 ml of 1% solution in the veins (slowly) to 0.1-0.3 ml of 1% solution, the interior of 0.01-0.025 g; externally 0,25-0,5% solutions. For local anesthesia add 0.3-0.5 ml of 1% solution 10 ml anestetika. Contraindications with hypertension, atherosclerosis, and the inclination to vascular spasm; be wary of in diseases of the attack, ray, the elderly. Method of production: powder, tablets of 0.01-0.025 g and ampoules to 1 ml 1% solution. Cm. also Adrenomimeticescoe funds.