How to remove bags under the eyes

Why bags under the eyes and how to fight them? What diseases can testify dark circles under the eyes? How to get rid of this shortcoming.

Bags under the eyes do not attract, spoil the appearance of the face, lead many women to despair, forced into complexes. Circles appear not only after sleep deprivation: very often the problem lies in the genetic predisposition. Women try to hide this defect with makeup, making the face look more rested. However, the problem cannot be ignored, because it can talk about the disease.
The most common reason we Wake up with swollen eyes is the overstrain of organism. Lack of sleep combined with great physical and mental stress has a devastating effect on the skin around the eyes. Not only that, the eyes give Bassano held the night, under them are the so-called bags. Remember that each of us needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Otherwise, all weariness will be reflected on the face, especially the eyes and the skin around them.
Lack of sleep, of course, not the only cause of swelling under the eyes. The body spends his strength not only to perform daily work. Negatively affect the condition of consumption of stimulants, such as cigarettes, alcohol, and large quantities of caffeine. All stimulants wash the body of vitamins and minerals. About the weakening of immunity first to testify tired eyes.
Many women, probably, have noticed that the bags under the eyes appear more often in the summer. Excessive sun exposure to the eyes can cause edema. UV light has a negative impact on the entire facial and in particular on its most sensitive area, i.e. the skin around the eyes.
Among the reasons may be the lack of useful components in the diet: circles under the eyes can talk about vitamin K and iron in the body. We should not forget about the effect of age: when the skin becomes thin and less elastic, there are bags.
The last cause of swelling under the eyes can also become allergic reaction. Swelling appears in the result of allergies (for example, pollen), but can also be due to conditions such as hypothyroidism, kidney disease, problems with the circulatory system, diabetes mellitus.

Ways to treat bags under the eyes

If swollen skin under the eyes is stored for a long time, you should consult about this discomfort with your doctor. First of all, you should understand why only this will help to find effective ways of getting rid of the annoying dark circles, and, of course, to improve the appearance. In beauty shops or pharmacies are available creams and gels for the skin under the eyes, containing vitamins C and K, and plant extracts. Cosmetics for skin around eyes is stored in the refrigerator because the imposition of cold cream narrows blood vessels and reduces swelling. You should also control the sleep time to sleep at least 8 hours.
It is necessary to abandon bad habits, to take care of a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and iron. Eat 2 servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables and dairy products every day, and eat whole-grain products. Visually hide circles under the eyes can also right makeup. Sometimes it is enough to impose on dark circles lighter fluid than in the other region, then these sections apply concealer in tone. The use of lighter fluid and corrector will make the skin under the eyes brightened and the bags are less noticeable. Always wear concealer in the bag, then during a long stay outside the house you can easily improve your appearance.