MetaFrame (mesonephroma) is a very rare tumor of the ovary. In the question about the sources of development of MetaFrame there is no single opinion: some authors refer it to the tumors that comes from the remains embryonic mesonephros, others regard MetaFrame as the tumor ceratoides nature.
MetaFrame occurs in the majority of cases in women over 40 years, often affects one ovary. Its sizes are different, often very large. The smooth surface of the tumor. On a cut it is solid, large or small cystic structure. Microscopically, the tumor is composed of fibrous stroma, which are mikrocysta, lined with a single layer of cubic or flattened epithelium. In the tumor may contain tube resembling abortive renal tubules, and the bullock, similar to the glomeruli of mesonephros. Another option tumor has build adenomectomy or papillary adenocarcinoma with plots pseudosolenia and solid structure, consisting of a polygon epithelial cells with light protoplasm and reminding gipernefroidnyi cancer.
In most cases, the tumors are benign. Besides MetaFrame ovarian described MetaFrame broad ligament, body and cervix of the uterus. Treatment - operative.