Metagonimus (Metagonimosis) - helminthiasis small intestines. The causative agent of metagonimus - Metagonimus yokogawai. The length of the helminth 1-2 mm Person contracts metagonimus when eating raw fish (Amur IDE and others). Symptoms of metagonimus - nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea. Diagnosis is based on detection in Calais eggs of helminths. Treatment: assign ether extract of rhizomes male fern , depending on the age of doses for children 1-3 years - 0.3 g; 3-4 years - 0.6 g: 4-6 years - 0.9 g; 6-8 years - 1.2 g; 8-10 years 1.5 g; 10-12 years - 1.8 g; 12-16 years, 2 g; over 16 years - 2.5-3 years After an hour after taking the extract male fern take saline laxative. Prevention: fish may eat only boiled or fried or after long periods of Ambassador.

Metagonimus (metagonimosis) - intestinal helminthiasis. Metagonimus widely used in China, Japan, occurs in the Soviet far East. The causative agent of metagonimus - trematode Metagonimus yokogawai (Fig). The length of the helminth 1-2,5 mm, width of 0.5-0.7 mm; eggs size 0,026 - 0,028x0,015-0,017 mm lemon-shaped form. In the stage of puberty helminth parasite in the small intestine of humans, cats, dogs. The intermediate hosts of helminth-some freshwater molluscs (Меlania libertina and others). Additional hosts - fish (Amur IDE, Ussuri whitefish, and others). Helminth larvae are localized in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles of fish. The infection occurs when a person eating raw and undercooked fish. Metagonimus sometimes subclinical, but often have nausea, drowsiness, abdominal pain, persistent recurrent diarrhea with liquid or pasty chair. The diagnosis is based on the discovery in the faeces of helminth eggs.
Treatment of essential extract of rhizomes male fern, appointed by the adults in a dose of 2.0-2.5 g (in the morning on an empty stomach in two steps with an interval of 8-10 minutes).
Prevention: fish may eat only boiled or fried; the need to protect water bodies from contamination by faeces.