Metamorphopsia - distorted vision of the shape or size of objects. Especially often metamorphopsia in the form resize visible objects observed in the disorder of accommodation of the eye (see). The distortion of the shape of objects is one of the signs of pathological process in the macula of the retina. Patients complaining to metamorphopsia must be examined by a doctor-ophthalmologist.

Metamorphopsia (from the Greek. metamorphosis - metamorphosis and opsis - vision, visual perception) is incorrect, distorted perception of objects. Metamorphopsia has always peripheral origin, which distinguishes it from any kind of visual hallucinations and phosphenes caused by irritation of the cerebral cortex. M. due to either the refractive errors, or pathological changes of receptor apparatus of retina.
There are two main types M.: refractive and receptor. Depending on the nature of the changes that happen to the perceived visual image, there are actually Meters (apparent distortion of the shape of recorded items), macropsia and micropsia (apparent increase or decrease in the size of the visible objects). The last two types of metamorphopsia more often when refractive M. as the result of violation of the ratio between the level required of the voltage of accommodation and actual length of the observed object from the eyes; with a particularly rapid progression of refractive errors in patient may experience misconceptions about the distance of the fixed objects, and hence about their true dimensions.
The distortion of the image is especially typical for the receptor of metamorphopsia. Due to it offset receiving light nerve endings retina, occurring in inflammatory changes or vigorously-reaching process of cicatrization. The last type M especially difficult to fix.